A man dealing with bill charge errors over the phone.

What to do with erroneous charges on your bill

Have you ever tried to call a credit card company or cell phone company about fast cash charges on your bill that are unreasonable or simply not accurate? Perhaps it has left you in need of personal loans or installment loans to cover the costs. Sometimes, it is beyond frustrating to logically work with the

Crocodile Tears | How the saying came to be

How many times have you heard the saying, “Oh, they just were shedding some crocodile tears”? Interestingly enough, there is an ancient myth behind it that has been brought into modern culture. It is said that a crocodile sheds hypocritical tears when it kills a victim, and this myth has been brought to modern culture.
A happy couple

Marriage: Falling in love again

Marriage is defined in several forms, aspects and beliefs. Marriage is an institution that recognizes and unites cultures and traditions. With this comprehensive meaning of marriage, there are still many couples who forget the real essence of this intended lifelong bond. Center for Disease Control recently released a detailed study on the national marriage and

Relief and emergency loans may be needed in frozen South

The American Southwest has been paralyzed by freezing cold, and emergency loans may be needed before long. Several major southern cities have been brought almost to a halt by snow and ice in one of the worst winters on record. Some states have declared states of emergency. Southern states may need emergency loans before long
A shadow image of two men in a criticizing debate.

Is criticism hard for you to take?

Many of us at one time or another have been a victim of criticism. There are a number of reasons why this happens. Sometimes a person may criticize others to put himself or herself in a better light. However, for the most part, criticism comes from a person who cares about you. Perhaps your husband
Shanghai monkey

The natural order | A real animal threat

The common idea is that animals are under the stewardship of humankind. This means that we are to care for them, to an extent. The modern view is that they have rights, and these rights require recognition, protection and respect. Entire organizations and movements in society have recently sprung up regarding animal rights. They have
cleaning house

Keeping a clean home: Tips the whole family can use

It is increasingly getting harder to keep a clean home under today’s onslaught of garbage in our cities. Even though the government tries to keep our streets clean, trash is still strewn about our streets carelessly. Beyond the rubbish are unwanted pests such as cockroaches and rats, and all these are known to cause sicknesses.

Deductions for mortgage payments may be a waste

A lot of homeowners can try to get a bit of extra cash by taking tax deductions for interest paid on mortgage loans. However, it’s been suggested that tax breaks on mortgage interest are a waste. Fewer people are requesting personal loans for homes these days. Homeowner tax credit under fire A recent post on
Flags of different world nations

What is the world coming to?

There is nothing better than nations coming together for mutual good and prosperity. When each country reaches out in friendship and is welcomed in friendship, when bonds are made despite differences and when states, no longer distinguished, are seen as a group working for the good of the whole, it will be a true international
Photo of a recycling sign.

How to make environmentalism your own

Just about everyone has heard at least part of the environmentalism message. With so many options, though, it can feel easier to just not make a choice and do nothing. If you really want to be “environmentally friendly” the first thing to do is stop beating yourself up. Choose one thing and make small changes.
Tim Geithner

Installment loans from bailouts may not be that expensive

In the financial crisis of the last few years, billions of dollars in installment loans to huge firms were lent in bailouts. Many have preached loudly about the waste involved and corporate favoritism. However, it may not cost as much as some think. Rage at installment loans to big business In 2008, the financial world
Ben Bernanke

Federal Reserve releases data on bailout installment loans

The Federal Reserve has opened up the books on which companies received installment loans in the bailouts. There weren’t too many huge surprises, but the amount of fast cash wired out was staggering. The Fed lent more than $3 trillion in total. Huge installment loans from the Federal Reserve The Federal Reserve, headed by chairman
Make A Wish

Make A Wish Foundation | Help make a wish come true!

Make A Wish Foundation is a wonderful place where dreams really do come true. With your help, the Make A Wish Foundation strives to help children from 2-and-a-half to 18 years who have life threatening medical conditions. The foundation has and continues to make a wish come true — every 40 minutes! There are many
A businessman reading a local newspaper.

Effect of the media on conflicts

Conflicts can be defined as a prolonged armed struggle, a serious disagreement or simply a difference between principles and opinions. Conflict is known to have a balancing effect and is capable of affecting the status quo of a situation or environment. Simply put, it is the process of balancing powers with the result of instilling