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We cover the debt and loan markets, stock markets, bond markets, and commodities to brink you up-to-date information you may use in guiding your investment decisions. Our macro coverage includes overnight short-term loan rates, national and global debt levels, and all key economic indicators. No matter your investment choices, always exercise caution in the use of borrowed money to create leverage; while your margin loan fueled gains may be magnified, so will your losses.
Big Mac at McDonald's

Price hikes affect the value of McDonald’s shares

McDonald’s is the world’s leader in the fast food market, garnering about 19 percent of that niche. However, faced with the rising costs of food and paper, the company has announced that it plans to implement more small price increases throughout the year in order to offset this trend somewhat. Earlier estimates proved inadequate McDonald’s
a painting of the grim reaper

AIG returns to spotlight with collateralized death obligations

American International Group went belly-up in 2008 because of over-leveraged exposure to credit default swaps written against sub-prime mortgages. Now AIG, which was rescued with a $182 billion taxpayer bailout, wants to do the same thing with securities backed by life insurance settlements, otherwise known as “death bonds.” After securitizing the death bonds, AIG’s death
source of U.S. government debt

Pimco moves market with short position on U.S. government debt

As the federal deficit grows, the world’s largest bond trader is betting politicians will fail to prevent a U.S. debt crisis. The Pimco Total Return Fund has taken a short position on U.S. government debt in the form of Treasury bonds. Analysts are saying that Pimco has gotten out of bonds because the company expects
A blonde woman wearing a business suit.

Investing basics and how NOT to invest

People invest because they want to create wealth. Day traders may savor the adrenaline rush, but profit is the purpose. In order to invest effectively, however, it pays to know some basics. It also pays to know how not to invest. Invest in a 401(k) Experts advise getting started with a 401(k) plan from your
Hydroponic growth

Investors considering medical marijuana IPOs

In 30 percent of the United States, medical marijuana is legal, to varying degrees. The industry surrounding medical marijuana can be a very profitable one. Now, two major marijuana industry companies have announced plans for initial public stock offerings. Marijuana related industries There are a variety of industries that have developed around medical marijuana. Businesses
wall street profits

Wall Street bonuses fall as executive salaries rise

Wall Street bonuses for 2010 fell 8 percent on average from the previous year. Wall Street bonuses fell despite the fact that 2010 was the second-highest year ever for Wall Street profits. Overall compensation for Wall Street workers actually grew in 2010, with a greater percentage paid in base salaries rather than bonuses. Wall Street
apple stock

Apple flash crash: $10 billion market cap loss in four minutes

The value of Apple stock hit a record high Thursday before suddenly diving of a cliff. By the time the Apple flash crash stabilized, the Apple stock price had fallen $10 in four minutes. Analysts guessed that either rumors about Steve Jobs’ health or gaming by short-sellers triggered the flash crash of Apple stock. Sudden
New York street sign at Wall Street and Broad. U.S. flags are visible in the background.

Wall Street pay rises to record levels

Total compensation and benefits for publicly traded Wall Street banks and securities firms hit a record of $135 billion in 2010, a 5.7 percent increase over 2009, reports the Wall Street Journal. While more salary is deferred than before, the increase in base Wall Street pay more than compensates. Wall Street salaries a ‘Get Out
Close up of a 100 yuan Chinese note.

Chinese monetary policy has the world seeing red

Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the U.S. has financial experts wondering whether President Obama will be able to convince him to let the value of the yuan rise. China is a poor country at its core, but its population and rapid growth make it the world’s most intriguing economic superpower. China’s monetary policy could
Variation on the Groupon logo.

Groupon spurns Google; IPO could exceed $15 billion

Local business marketing and consumer coupon company Groupon is a rising star in the online retail community. The company has done so well that in November Google offered to buy Groupon for nearly $6 billion. But as the New York Times reports, Google doesn’t always get what it wants. Groupon will soon move forward with
verizon iphone rumors included a white model

Verizon stock dives after iPhone announcement, Apple stock soars

Verizon stock did not benefit from the company’s announcement confirming the Verizon iPhone. In fact, Verizon stock fell Tuesday shortly after the Verizon press conference. But Apple stock value, which is partially based on the iPhone, rose 6 percent in the last week driven by Verizon iPhone anticipation. Verizon stock: buy the rumor, sell the
borders bankruptcy

Borders on the brink of bankruptcy as printed book sales plunge

Borders, the national book chain, has been feeling the pinch of the new digital paradigm. As book sales have fallen, Borders has been losing money for years. The brick and mortar book retailer appeared to be on the brink of extinction as it delayed payments to publishers last week. Borders pleas to publishers for a
Potash mining for potash fertilizer

Exploding potash demand is catalyst in BHP hostile takeover bid

For people in the agricultural industry, potash has been a hot topic lately. Potash is essentially potassium, one of the critical nutrients that makes modern agricultural yields possible. There is no alternative source for potassium in fertilizer. Potash is vital to the world’s food supply. Because there is no futures market for potash, other minerals

Texas Instruments fighting uphill battles

Texas Instruments, best known for its calculators, is facing multiplying challenges. The analog chips made by Texas Instruments are used in a wide variety of electronic systems across the world. Though the chipmaker is reporting earnings, Texas Instruments stocks are falling. Combined with a controversy over programming blocks, Texas Instruments is facing difficulties on many