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We cover the debt and loan markets, stock markets, bond markets, and commodities to brink you up-to-date information you may use in guiding your investment decisions. Our macro coverage includes overnight short-term loan rates, national and global debt levels, and all key economic indicators. No matter your investment choices, always exercise caution in the use of borrowed money to create leverage; while your margin loan fueled gains may be magnified, so will your losses.
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The Knot | Wedded bliss marries stock bliss

The Knot is one of the web’s biggest wedding destinations. The Knot’s website and other media are all about The Big Day,  and today The Knot as a company is having a Big Day of its own. The Knot’s stock has been upgraded to a “buy” rating. So should you include purchase of The Knot
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Wheat prices rising as drought-stricken Russia bans grain exports

Wheat prices skyrocketed to their highest level in two years on the news that Russia will ban all grain exports because of a severe drought. The ban on Russian grain exports removes a major supplier other countries have depended on. The ban, an attempt to control domestic prices in Russia, raises concerns about a global
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Banker bonuses will have to wait three years, says FDIC

Big banks are going to have to wait before doling out annual bonuses, reports the Associated Press. In order to minimize risky transactions that could damage the United States’ ongoing economic recovery, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. voted Monday on a rule that would require half of bankers’ bonuses to be postponed by at least
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Santa Claus rally hits markets in countries celebrating Christmas

The Santa Claus rally in the stock market, if it has arrived on schedule, will begin Monday, Dec. 27. Historically the Santa Claus rally is the last five trading days of the year in countries that celebrate Christmas. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, already enjoying a strong December, hit a two-year high on Dec. 22.
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Family Dollar share price surges on NASDAQ

Thanks to billionaire investor Nelson Peltz’s big stock buy, shares of Family Dollar Stores Inc., a discount retailer chain, shot up by 11 percent Wednesday on the NASDAQ, reports Reuters. The investment by Peltz’s Trian Group underscores a current investment trend toward supporting retailers that appeal to low-income families, as rival chains like Dollar Tree

Danielle Chiesi on trial for insider trading

In the high-power, high-risk game of information trading, Danielle Chiesi has become  “a confirmation of all (people have) suspected is wrong with Wall Street and the hedge fund industry,” according to Fortune. Former IBM executive Bob Moffat and Danielle Chiesi have both been arrested and charged with securities fraud and conspiracy. The story of Danielle
Steve Jobs

Apple stock declines as Steve Jobs takes medical leave

Apple stock tumbled slightly as Steve Jobs announced he was taking another leave of absence. Jobs announced at a recent Apple press conference that he was taking time off for health related reasons. Many fear he is struggling with cancer again. Steve Jobs takes medical leave of absence Recently, CEO of Apple Steve Jobs announced
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World Stock Markets may hate to see the Year End

World Stock Markets may hate to see the Year End Hardship leads to opportunity March, 2009 marked a low point in the global economy including world stocks. The gains have been great on the stock exchanges since that point despite continued economic struggles across the globe. The Associated Press reports that many markets topped 50
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Euro dollar values move on the market

After an aggressive plan was put into place to stabilize the value of the Euro, the Euro dollar values began to move on the market. The plan was unveiled by the IMF and European Central Bank to put a massive reserve in place to head off a European debt crisis and aid in the Greece
Mug shot of Bernard Madoff.

Picower estate to pay $7.2 billion in Madoff fraud agreement

The Associated Press and Reuters report that Irving Picard, the court-appointed trustee in charge of recovering funds for the victims of Bernard Madoff, has reached settlement with Madoff’s primary beneficiary in a massive Ponzi scheme. The estate of Jeffry Picower, the late Florida philanthropist and businessman, has agreed to repay $7.2 billion to Bernie Madoff’s
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Apple Inc. reaches record high stock price

Steve Jobs and other shareholders in Apple, Inc. may be cracking open champagne. The Apple company stock has just hit a record high point. For the first time ever, a share of Apple stock is now going for more than $300. The technology giant has been having a banner year. The iPad and continued success
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Peer to peer loan lenders bypass bank middlemen

Someone who needs to get a loan but doesn’t want to go to a bank can look into peer to peer loan lenders. With peer to peer lending, people who want to borrow money are put in touch with people who have capital. It is becoming a booming business. Peer to peer loan lenders cut
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Reading between the lines of a hedge fund industry comeback

Based on the billions that poured in last month, the hedge fund industry appears to have its swagger back. Investors are lining up to put their trust in mysterious firms notorious for market manipulation that give Wall Street a bad name. But the industry’s resurgence from the financial crisis has just a few big winners
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Canadian treasury bonds: Invest in the Great White North

Some investors look to Canada, the United States’ neighbor to the north, for their treasury bonds. Unlike the U.S. system, where which treasury bonds can be purchased through companies like TreasuryDirect, the Canadian process is slightly different. Individual bonds can be purchased from three different categories: Government of Canada marketable bonds, Government of Canada real

GM Stock price shoots up after IPO today

Just 17 months after the company’s bankruptcy, General Motors had a new initial public offering. The GM stock was offered at $33 a share, and the GM stock price has been steadily rising. The U.S. Government has sold half of its preferred stock in GM, raising about $23 billion. GM initial public offering The GM
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Nasdaq rebalancing reduces hedge fund manipulation of Apple stock

The Nasdaq stock exchange announced Tuesday that it is rebalancing its Nasdaq-100 index next month to correct the outsized influence of Apple, Inc. The Nasdaq rebalancing reduces the weight of Apple stock on the total value of the Nasdaq index by half. Nasdaq’s move will reduce the manipulation of Apple stock by hedge funds and