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Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett defends Goldman Sachs, Ben Bernanke

Over the weekend, investor extraordinaire Warren Buffett came to the defense of embattled investment house Goldman Sachs.  Goldman has been under fire for some time, for the role it played in the Wall Street meltdown and the recession.  Buffet asserted that the fraud allegations and investigations are unwarranted.  He also came to the defense of
goldman sachs insider trading

SEC charges ex-Goldman director Rajat Gupta with insider trading

The level of notoriety that Goldman Sachs either enjoys or endures increased Tuesday. The Securities and Exchange Commission filed insider trading charges against Rajat K. Gupta, one of its former board members. Goldman Sachs was also forced to admit that it could lose billions from lawsuits by investors who were bilked by the bank during
USPS Truck

Official Holidays | Stock Market, Banks, USPS, Federal Government

The new official list of 2011 bank, stock market, and federal holidays is now available. Today is Good Friday, the day many Catholics and Christians around the world spend at church and preparing for Easter. Good Friday is not, however, on the list of federal holidays, USPS holidays or post office holidays. Good Friday does,
CEO Barbie, hard at work in the office.

CEO salaries at highest level since 2007

Hiring was up in April, but so were unemployment numbers. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the stagnant salary level of average U.S. workers. According to the Associated Press, however, CEO salaries in 2010 were at the highest level since 2007. Recession Never-Never Land The year 2007 was marked by economic boom, record high
sign at gas station displaying prices

Will Goldman-triggered commodity rout lower US gas prices?

Commodity prices, which have been rising since December, fell sharply Tuesday. Inflation is beginning to curb demand and slow economic growth. A note from Goldman Sachs that it was time to cash in on crude oil, copper, cotton and platinum triggered a sell-off that signaled a possible end to a historic commodities rally. The commodities
jobs report

Rising stocks behave out of character with positive jobs report

Stocks rose on the jobs report released by the Labor Department Friday. Job creation in the last two months is the strongest it has been since before the recession. But the market’s current response to a positive jobs report is unusual, and stocks could fall again if the labor market continues to improve. First quarter
NYSE deutsche boerse deal

Is the NYSE-Deutsche Boerse deal a blow to US national pride?

The parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Euronext, agreed to enter a $10 billion all-stock merger with Deutsche Boerse AG. The merger of Deutsche Boerse AG, operator of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, with NYSE Euronext combines two of the world’s largest stock exchanges. News of the NYSE-Deutsche Boerse merger triggered angst among
George Washington's portrait on a dollar bill

Dollar continues slide, but rally in near future not far-fetched

Continuing a prolonged slide, the U.S. dollar fell in value to nearly its lowest level since August 2008 Tuesday against the currencies of major U.S. trading partners. Analysts say that Federal Reserve policies of low interest rates and billions in bond purchases, plus international worries about the U.S. debt situation are keeping the dollar down.

Understanding mutual funds

After surviving credit card debt and paying off cash advance loans, some begin to wonder what a mutual fund is and how they can go about investing in one. Wealth education means researching these questions and others in order to gain a clear understanding of how to make money grow. Knowing what a mutual fund
Photo of a Ford Logo

The Ford money machine churns out profits

With new models and a reputation on the upswing, Ford Motor Co. is running strong, reports Automotive News. On Jan. 28, Ford revealed numbers that prove that 2010 was the company’s most profitable year since 2000. It is the second straight year under CEO Alan Mulally that Ford has announced a profit. Getting a 48-cent

Flash Trading | More Funny Business on Wall Street?

Taming the oily Wall Street beast Ask any investor what the last thing Wall Street needs is these days. There will be some variety in the answers you receive, but most anyone will agree that a stock market crash (always a bad thing) would be horrible right now. Particularly since America is barely beginning to

Trading Day Stocks: The Classic Risk/Reward Scenario

Assess your Skills and Situation With the world economy in recession, many people are trying to figure out new ways to make money. One of the most attractive quick return avenues drawing people in large numbers is how to day trade stocks. Day trading is now more accessible than ever before, but that doesn’t mean
Eric Schmidt

Google earnings report comes with big surprises

Google released its quarterly earnings report today, and it contained many surprises. The Google earnings report showed stronger earnings-per-share than expected. The report also included the news that co-founder Larry Page will become the CEO. Q4 Google earnings report In accordance with financial regulations, Google has released its fourth quarter earnings report for 2010. The
Soup Kitchen

The latest jobs report is not as good as expected

Fingers have been crossed, prayers offered and hands have been wrung waiting for an increase in the number of jobs. Unfortunately, the May jobs report has not revealed a huge increase in the number of jobs available.  This is not to say that there was no improvement, but the improvement was less than anticipated, which
Gallons of milk on a supermarket shelf.

Libyan crisis inflates fuel and food prices, says UN

As a result of the crisis in Libya, the already high food prices worldwide will likely be pushed even higher, reports CNN Money. A report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization indicates that the food price index, which measures the price of a basket of food commodities, was up 2.2 percent in February.
Front view of a Chinese one yuan note. The late Communist leader Mao Tse Tung is depicted on the currency.

Global yuan exchange under way for first time in history

China has played its hand very close to the vest when it comes to controlling its currency, but as the Wall Street Journal reports, the time has come to spread the wealth. The yuan, which Beijing once prohibited from being bought or sold outside China’s borders, has been released into global currency trading for the

AIG and General Motors make strides in repaying bailouts

AIG and General Motors have been making great progress in paying the United States Treasury back for the bailout loans both companies received. AIG and GM were both maligned for the huge amount of money the firms received from the government, but they are returning to solvency. AIG was the single largest bailout performed under