Identity Theft
Identity theft can be a devastating event. Learn how to minimize your risk.
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Notice of Unreported Income E-Mail is a Scam

IRS did not and will not e-mail you If you have gotten a “notice of unreported income e-mail,” delete it and do nothing else. And if you do get a notice of unreported income e-mail or any e-mail from the IRS that asks for a response in the future, do not respond. Don’t panic if
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Grandmother Almost Uses Installment Loans to Fund Scam

Grandmother almost duped out of $4,000 Millie Benger, 73, of Toledo, Ohio, needed to take out installment loans to help her stranded granddaughter. She received a call in the middle of the night. The caller claimed to be her granddaughter and said her car broke down in Montreal. The solution? She requested that Benger Western
Using credit cards can be a pleasure and a pain. Will anonymous credit cards make security one less thing to worry about? (Photo:

Anonymous Credit Cards: Safety for Consumers, Merchants and Banks

Convenience – But At What Cost? Credit cards are both a blessing and a curse for millions of people worldwide. Managed use of this form of consumer credit can help build one’s credit score and provide a convenient means through which to transact with merchants who require a credit card in order for a consumer

Child identity theft victims often targeted by loved ones

Child identity theft is becoming all the rage. New research shows that identity thieves are focusing increasingly on kids because parents don’t pay attention, and the theft can go undetected for years. But when the victim tries to get a job or credit as a teen or young adult, the damage done becomes evident. The
Identity theft

Protect your money and identity from scammers

Even in the light of all the warnings and mass publicity regarding scam protection, scamming has continued to be a major problem today. The more light and publicity that shines on these illegal acts in order to protect the public, the more clever these scammers get in their schemes. If you want to stay out