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Credit cards are sometimes a good alternative to a payday loan.

New Credit Card Reform Opens the Need for More Payday Loans

News Alert! On February 22, 2010, the new Credit Card Reforms Act (CARD) was implemented and it looks as if payday loans have a promising future. The newly enacted document is enforcing some very rigorous rules on credit card agencies in order to protect the rights of consumers against unclear credit stipulations, ever changing interest

Using Credit Cards Instead of Small Loans to Pay Bills

Credit card companies and the recession When it comes to bills, many people have been using small loans to fund them. The recession was difficult on many consumers. Finding ways to pay for monthly expenses was hard due to the out-of-control jobless rate, lending crash and inflated expenses. Though most people thought that credit cards

It Could Take Short Term Loans to Pay Off This Credit Card

The lending industry is changing First Premiere Bank is offering a credit card with so high an interest rate, that it could take short term loans to pay it off. If you have heard of the tactics credit issues used at the height of the recession, then you know that they are willing to get
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Consumers advised to avoid credit card protection plans

A recent report by the Government Accountability Office advises that consumers may want to think twice about entering into credit card debt protection plans. Such plans usually offer insurance against missed payments and so forth and seem like a good idea. However, it may benefit the card companies more than customers. Debt protection plans benefit

Usage of Credit Cards A Focus at National Business Summit

Credit cards, mortgages, business management and manufacturing are just some of the topics to be covered at the National Business Summit. Although the summit was planned months ago, it wasn’t until the recent recession that its significance was truly realized. Part of the meeting’s goal is to create a formal plan to keep the US
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With credit reform, credit card offers are getting more deceptive

Credit card reform doesn’t mean consumers can relax and feel protected. Now more than ever people need to be wary. The credit card reform act of 2009 is cutting into some of the more underhanded credit card scams from financial institutions. So now those institutions are just trying harder to sign people up for credit

Cash Now Looking to PIN System for Protection

The chip and PIN system Managing cash now is taking on a new hi-tech face. The UK just announced a new “chip and PIN” system for credit cards. Currently when consumers use credit cards, they have to swipe its magnetic strip and sign a receipt. The new system has a card reader that scans a
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How to find the best credit card

If you pay for everything in cash, learning how to find the best credit card may not be for you. However, if you plan to use credit cards responsibly and pay them off each month, choosing the right credit card is important. Save cash with these helpful hints. No credit card is perfect Imagine a
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Little things that can mar a credit report

If you’ve had a bankruptcy, foreclosure or lots of missed bill payments, you know that your credit score was diminished. But do you know about the smaller things that lead lenders to believe you’re a credit risk? A few FICO foibles can cause credit card issuers and lenders to view you with less favor and

The Credit CARD Act – Is It Beneficial to You?

Is the Credit CARD Act ethical to consumers or the banks? When it comes to credit cards, many consumers have been getting shafted. All of the major banks providing credit cards have gotten away with reaping profits, and they have no problem lobbying and distributing the money to any Washington lawmaker that get in their
Novak Djokovic may need one of his credit cards to help pay the fines for his latest on-court outburst.  (Photo:

Can Credit Cards Fix Tennis Damage?

Temper, Temper, Novak Djokovic “Use one of your credit cards, Novak!” I shout from my semi-comatose position on the couch. I just witnessed a tennis player’s breakdown that’s going to cost him money, maybe lots of it. Novak Djokovic missed a tiny little lob over the net and smashed his racquet into the court surface
For many consumers, to consolidate credit card debt is the first step to debt management.

Debt Management: Consolidate credit card debt

Unfortunately, millions of people are currently in credit card debt. Several options for getting the situation resolved exist, and one way is to consolidate credit card debt. Before making the decision to do this, however, you should first understand what it all entails. To consolidate credit card debt means to take the amount owed on

Interest rates on credit cards hit highest point in 13 years

The interest rates charged on credit cards have recently reached a 13-year high. Since legislation has changed the rules about how interest can be charged, card companies are raising the base rates to make up lost ground. It is working, as credit card companies are also posting high revenues. Legislation leads to higher rates on
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Credit card companies dodge rules by offering professional cards

New credit card rules mandated by the Credit Card Accountability and Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 enacted robust consumer protections. But so-called “professional cards” aren’t covered by the CARD Act. Professional cards are immune from consumer protections such as limits on excessive late fees and surprise interest rate hikes. With billions of dollars in

Determine Your Investing Goals Using Payday Loans

Unclear on Your Financial Goals? Don’t Invest! The one thing you need to do in order to prepare for investing, besides requesting a short term loan, is to get completely clear on your financial goals. This will help to determine how much you need to invest, as well as how aggressive you want to get
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Costs and benefits of financial reform laws

Over the past few years, Congress has passed a slew of financial reform laws. There has been opposition, to be sure, but laws like the CARD Act were created in order to ensure that consumers were being treated fairly by financial institutions. The effects have been as intended in some ways, but there will be
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Credit card companies still marketing to college students

Part of the provisions of the CARD Act, the law aimed at taming ethically suspect practices of credit card companies, was restrictions on how credit cards could be marketed to college students. Card companies are now finding ways around that. Coeds can’t escape copious cadre of cards on campus The Credit card Accountability, Responsibility and