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California short term business loans are drying up

The San Diego Business Journal reports that the California Reinvestment Coalition has released a new report that fails to paint a rosy picture when it comes to California short term business loans. The report, entitled “Small Business Access to Credit,” points out that total number of small business loans issued in the state fell 63
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People Looking to Short Term Loans as Market Remains Weak

Market Weak, but Steady People are still looking to short term loans as further data on the market continues to be reported. Although trade, housing and employment are all seeing weak performances in the market, some economists are saying stabilization is close at hand. One major concern is the continued lag of U.S. exporting, which
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Short Term Loans for Bad Credit? No Problem!

Direct Deposit of Short Term Loan Fast When you need extra cash in about a day or so, there is no better way than to get started online for a short term loan for bad credit. Personal Money Store provides consumers with the best chance of getting approved. The best thing is there are EZ

Short Term Loans Being Used to Fund Health Care Costs

Health care and the American public Many Americans are using short term loans to fund their health care. The health care situation is a number one priority these days. The Obama administration is currently debating the proposed changes and trying to come up with legislation to extend health care coverage to millions of uninsured Americans.
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Get Short term loans – it’s never been easier!

Everyone agrees that these are tough economic times. Good, hard working people have had to ask for help. Are you feeling like you’re at the end of your rope? Short term loans can help! If you have an emergency and need cash fast, short term loans or personal installment loans are your answer. Do you

Renters Use Short Term Loans to Handle Housing Issues

Renters and foreclosures Renters are using short term loans to help with the loss of their homes. Since the recession, many homes have fallen into foreclosure and a lot of those homes have renters living in them. These renters are in difficult situations, not knowing when to leave, what the procedure is or what to
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It is REAL if I bought my hair with a payday loan, right?

Hair is a major factor in the lives of many women and men. Hollywood has been using wigs and hair pieces for years. The use of hair pieces has mainly been popular with African American women, but the times are changing. Everyone is adding hair, a little here and a little there. There’s no shame
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Racial discrimination evident in continued bank redlining

African-Americans and Hispanics are beginning to lose ground when it comes to the use of traditional banking, according to the Center for Responsible Lending. Discriminatory practices like redlining (denying access to credit) have once again risen up as the U.S. struggles to emerge from the economic recession. Such financial discrimination, which includes mortgage denial and
Benefits of same day loans

Straight to the point: What are the benefits of a fast cash loan?

Let’s get right to the point. What are the benefits of a fast cash loan or short term loans? Benefits of a fast cash loan No faxing. You do not have to find a fax machine, own a fax machine, or go near a fax machine to get a same day loan in most cases. These
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Short term cash advance

Are you interested in a short term cash advance loan? Want to know more about this type of quick financing before you decide to go ahead and request one? This is a smart move to make, especially because it can help you get the right loan for your situation. Below, you will see what this
Requesting short term installment loans online is easy.

Short Term Installment Loans: How to get a short term loan

Looking for a short term loan for a short term crisis in your life? Do you need just a little help to get you through an obstacle you’re facing right now? Then getting short term installment loans is right for you. It is a loan that is quick and easy to process, and the money
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Short term installment loans offer a simple solution

Do you need money but can’t wait until next week for your paycheck? Is your credit a common problem with most lenders? If so, you can rest assured there are lenders who can not only provide you with fast short term installment loans, but also overlook any credit problems you may have to help get
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Phoenix loans online: Request fast, short term payday loans

Looking for payday loans in the city of Phoenix? Want to get the cash you need the fastest and easiest way possible? Then look no more and get started right now for short term Phoenix loans online. In fact, you can be anywhere in Arizona and still have access to this type of quick financing.

Jackson Hewitt sues H&R Block over short term loan ads

Tax preparation giant H&R Block is being sued by Jackson-Hewitt over an ad campaign blasting the short term loan program offered by Jackson Hewitt. Both companies offer some form of a refund anticipation loan or a loan against an income tax return. Tax season is when both companies make the bulk of their revenue. H&R
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Need Cash?

Do you need cash? Does the thought, “I need money now” continue to cross your mind? Did you know you can get the cash you need with 60-second online loan approvals? Do you need cash? Help is available today! Thankfully, even if you have bad credit, if you qualify, a short term loan can be
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Short term or installment loan: Help for your financial emergency

A short term loan or installment loan gives you an advance on your paycheck and helps you cover expenses till your next payday. Let’s face it; we’ve all needed a little financial help at one time or another. And requesting a payday loan can give you quick and easy access to the funds you need
Banks and Short Term Loans

Let Short Term Loans Save You From Overdraft Fees

Have you applied for a payday loan at a local loan mart within the last few months? If you have, then you might have been asked to sign a petition stating that you won’t support the current initiative that’s trying take your right to obtain short term loans away. There seems to be a team