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Getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit

A new group of borrowers The recession was difficult for everyone.  In particular, it created a new group of borrowers who have tarnished credit. Despite bad credit, many people still need to buy cars. Many believe that if they have bad credit buying a car is impossible, but that’s not true. Especially today, when car

Car Deal Expert: A New Full-Service Car-Loan Site

Low-interest loans and expert answers If you’re in the market for a new or used car or wondering if there’s a way to lower your monthly payments on the car you own now, check out the new Car Deal Expert website. It’s a great resource for anyone who owns a car or is thinking about

Toyota Lexus Named Best Overall Vehicle for 2010

Consumer Reports has just published its 2010 list of highest-rated vehicles in ten popular categories. For a full description of the automobiles taking the honors this year, go to Best overall vehicle Despite Toyota’s recent recall disasters, the influential magazine has named the Toyota Lexus 460L best overall vehicle. With gas mileage of 24
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New cars are cheaper than used cars in an upside-down economy

In an economy turned upside-down, a new car loan has become more affordable that buying used. Car buyer incentives from some automakers are so generous that conventional wisdom about car buying can be tossed out the window. Certain makes and models cost less per month new than the same vehicle driven for a year by
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New Car Buyers Using Personal Loans

New Car Buyers Using Personal Loans Buying a new car When it comes to buying a new car, most consumers look to personal loans for financing. It is a great time to start looking because of the recession. Car lots are full and dealerships are trying to get rid of inventories with deep discounts and
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Be Wise When Using A Personal Loan to Purchase a Car

Be Wise When Using A Personal Loan to Purchase a Car Buying a new vehicle Anyone looking to purchase a new car most likely is concerned with how to get a personal loan. In the past people were able to pay cash for car purchases, but due to the recession, now most people are in
Will Porche be coming out with the new Hybrid 78 MPG 918 Spyder?

Hybrid 78 MPG 918 Spyder Debuts

In the past 20 years, Porsche has not released many concept cars. The Porsche Boxster and Carrera GT are the only models that have been displayed, states blogger Brandon Hill of the last two decades. The German car manufacturers have proved today that when they put their minds to it, they can lead the way
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Get $1,000 Extra With Cash For Clunkers From

Short Term Loans Online If you are going to trade a vehicle in under the Cash For Clunkers program you might as well request a down payment assistance loan to put some money in your pocket to help with purchasing a vehicle. Everyone knows that you can get a better interest rate and repayment terms