The economy concerns everyone, whether they know it or not. From employment to prices, debt levels to wealth levels, there is very little in life that is not touched in some fashion by economics.   Credit, in particular, powers the modern economy. While those in the upper income brackets enjoy the cushion of savings and borrowing to increase wealth, those in the lower brackets must often resort to the only forms available to them, namely bad credit loans, pawn shops, payday loans and cash advance loans.   We cover matters of macroeconomics that concern all of us, and help us make better-informed decisions: Is it the right time to risk starting a business? Buying a house? Investing in the Markets?   Our economic experts can help you make those decision by providing a clear picture of where the economy as a whole – globally and locally – stand currently, and where it is likely to stand in the future.
Credit card interest rates are going up. Has your bank dropped the bomb on you? (Photo:

Frustrated Over Credit Card Hikes?

Paid on Time? Too Bad! If you have been relying on credit cards to get by each month, you may need to borrow money just to pay the minimum payment these days. Credit card companies are raising interest rates dramatically in an effort to stay ahead of the declining economy. But the problem is that

U.S. Unemployment Rate Hits Double Digits

Unemployment rate not improving New statistics on the U.S. unemployment rate were released today, and things haven’t been worse for 26 years. The October unemployment rate was 10.2 percent, more than double normal levels. It’s also the highest unemployment rate the country has seen since 1983, when it hit 10.5 percent. I have read a

Secured Loans in The UK

The answer to your money troubles The answer to your family financial crisis may be right under your nose. In fact, if you own your home, you are already halfway to solving your financial woes. First of all, the world economy is in disarray, forcing many people to make decisions they would rather not make
Do plenty of research before choosing a lender.

Secured Loan, Your Answer to Unwanted Debt

Choose what’s best for you If you have chosen a secured loan for debt consolidation, there is a process you must follow. Whether you have chosen to request a secured or unsecured consolidation loan the processes is similar. The following steps will help you decide on what choice is best for you. Begin assembling your
Williams College in Massachusetts is facing financial aid cutbacks. More students will resort to personal loans as a result. (Photo:

Students Use Personal Loans to Fund College as Admission Changes

College Admission Policies Changing More students are using personal loans to fund their college costs due to changes in financial aid policies. Along with the rest of the world, colleges and universities are feeling the financial strain of the recessionary economy. They are cutting spending, putting off new projects and programs and instituting hiring freezes.
A restaurant in New Orleans suggests Foreclose on the Banks. Image from Flickr.

Third Quarter 2009 Foreclosures at an All Time High

An improving economy The media and Uncle Sam want us to believe that times are getting better and that we are crawling out of the recession. In fact, there are some economic indicators that the economy is starting to come around. The last few weeks have provided an increase in consumer spending, a slight decline
Mortgages Can Help Credit Repair, but Be Careful

Mortgages Can Help Credit Repair, But Be Careful

The mortgage market Many people are looking for mortgages to aid them with credit repair. The recession has left finances disheveled, and people are trying to find ways to regroup. Although recent crackdowns on mortgage lending have been put into place by the government, there are still some unscrupulous lenders trying to find their way
Hope they took out the life insurance instead of the accidental death insurance. Talk about debt relief… (Photo:

Finding Debt Relief Can Be Simpler if People Exclude These

Debt Relief in the Recession Debt relief is something many consumers are longing for in this difficult economy. The recession has brought many people’s finances into turmoil and they are left trying to make ends meet every month. Market research shows that some commonly purchased items are necessities, but research is showing that other items aren’t. Here
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Will Social Security Last for Me?

Has Social Security Gone Bankrupt? When the concept of Social Security (SS), or Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance, was developed, payday loans were nowhere near as popular as they are today. In fact, they were looked down on as a type of “predatory” form of lending money. Social Security became a way for the elderly
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Is Cutting Back on Insurance A Good Way to Find Debt Relief?

Taking Care of Debt Many consumers are ready to do just about anything to find debt relief. The recession has left people in difficult situations, not knowing when or if they can pay their bills on time.  One area where people are showing major cutbacks is in insurance.  For example, last year Barry Miller of
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How a Payday Loan Works

A Payday Loan is Quick When You Need It A payday loan is a financial arrangement that allows a person to borrow a sum of money over a short period of time so that it is possible to overcome a shortfall in the personal budget until the next payday. It is usually unsecured and the

Payday Loan Borrowers Hope for Credit Card Reform

Obama calls for immediate credit card reform Consumers are still relying on payday loans to make ends meet as President Obama calls for credit card reform.  The President is demanding a credit card reform bill by the end of this month.  “Americans know that they have a responsibility to live within their means and pay
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Consumers Look to Debt Relief Options as DOW Changes

New Dow Jones Consumers are looking for more debt relief options as the stock market continues to fluctuate. This week the DOW Jones Industrial average made some drastic changes. The DOW Jones average is a roster of thirty stocks that most effectively weight the Wall Street’s financial climate. The DOW dropped Citigroup Inc and GM
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Students Worry about Debt Relief as Parents Struggle

New poll highlights economic woes of college students According to a new poll conducted by the AP and mtvU, college students today are more worried than ever before about debt relief. Although summer is reputed to be a time of partying for college students, most are too stressed out the economy to even think about
The King of Pop could save retailers this Halloween (Photo:

Halloween Spending | Will Jacko Be Retailers’ Saving Grace?

Michael’s Death Could Keep Costumers Alive I know, I’ve already covered this topic on this blog, but the chance to post a Michael Jackson Halloween mask is just too much for me to pass up. His untimely passing gave his music sales a boost over the summer, now Michael Jackson masks, costumes and accessories are
The Economic Stress Index predicts that debt relief may be on its way for beleaguered consumers. (Photo:

New Poll Shows that Debt Relief is On The Way

Market May be Bottoming Out Debt relief may be on the way according to a new AP poll called the Economic Stress Index.  This index is a calculation that ranges from 1 to 100 and is based on the nation’s approximately rates of unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcy totals.  The lower the score, the less economic
Zhu Zhu pets are like this guy, but they aren't alive. However, many thousands of kids don't care. (Photo:

Toys R Us Names Zhu Zhu Pets Hottest Holiday Toy in 2009

What Can Zhu Zhu Do For You? Retail stores are getting ready for the Christmas shopping season, which means that people who aren’t compulsively early shoppers are getting ready to buy their gifts. If that means getting in touch with personal loan companies to bankroll the whole operation, so be it. What a person decides