The economy concerns everyone, whether they know it or not. From employment to prices, debt levels to wealth levels, there is very little in life that is not touched in some fashion by economics.   Credit, in particular, powers the modern economy. While those in the upper income brackets enjoy the cushion of savings and borrowing to increase wealth, those in the lower brackets must often resort to the only forms available to them, namely bad credit loans, pawn shops, payday loans and cash advance loans.   We cover matters of macroeconomics that concern all of us, and help us make better-informed decisions: Is it the right time to risk starting a business? Buying a house? Investing in the Markets?   Our economic experts can help you make those decision by providing a clear picture of where the economy as a whole – globally and locally – stand currently, and where it is likely to stand in the future.

How to Manage Payday Loans As Banking Changes

Consumers and the economy Mary Dannisch, a secretary in Plymouth, Virginia, said, “Since the recession we’ve used payday loans to cover our bills month after month … saving via CDs and savings accounts just aren’t what they used to be.” Dannisch is talking about the noticeable change in the financial industry since the recession. While
Oil prices are down currently, saving developing countries from having to borrow money.

Falling Oil Prices Can Help Cut Debt for All Countries

Rising Oil Prices Just the Beginning Oil prices started moving up just about a year ago up to $147.70 per barrel, after prices had dropped to the mid $20 range. There were a lot of countries who were very happy when the prices started moving up, while other countries were stuck having to borrow money
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Celebrate New Year’s Eve even if You have no Money Now

Don’t  call off the celebration With the New Year right around the corner, people will be gearing up for celebrations, but if the holidays have left you without any money now, you may need to plan less costly events. Do not worry though; low cost festivities do not have to mean pizza and a movie
Little changes can make a big difference.

Five Simple Ways to Lower Your Power Bill

Every little bit helps In these tough times, everyone is looking for ways to save money. The obvious options for limiting your discretionary spending have been very popular. However, there are many other little tricks and tips related to how you live your everyday life that can also amount to real savings. The five ideas
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Cash for Caulkers: Questionable Idea, Bad Title

What is Cash for Caulkers? The government this week announced it is planing a new program called Cash for Caulkers. The program has great intentions: conserving energy and saving homeowners money. The idea is that the government will reimburse homeowners to the tune of 50 percent of the cost of any projects that conserve energy
Just how much of a cash advance could you give someone in need? (Photo:

Give a Dollar and Info on Cash Advance Loans

A Day of Giving and Criticism As I was walking downtown after finishing a few errands, I spotted an older man standing near the entrance of a cash advance store. The guy looked like your typical homeless man, seemingly underfed, sloppy and weary-looking as he held up a sign that read: “Homeless. Whatever you can

Credit Takes Back the Reins from Payday Loans

In recession, payday loans replaced credit During the recession, payday loans replaced credit card spending. Consumers have always used credit and have become growingly dependent on it for purchases. In particular big-ticket items were always bought with credit. In late 2007, credit problems began. Lenders pushed more and more credit onto the consumer and paid
Social Security is drying up, to the chagrin (or horror) of retirees and elderly across America. Payday loans are seeing better days. (Photo:

Payday Loans Gain Popularity as Social Security Outlook is Bleak

Paycheck Loans: From Emergencies to the Mainstream Not long ago, payday loans were thought of solely as emergency funding methods. People who were hard-pressed with an emergency medical bill or car repair sought out these types of loans as a means of finding quick cash. Their convenience is premiere because, if a consumer qualifies, he

Can Cyber-Santa Save Christmas?

Did Santa’s arrival make cash registers jingle? The 2009 Christmas shopping season got off to a mixed start according to ShopperTrak, a Chicago-based company that tracks retail sales and retail store traffic. ShopperTrak report that early information shows less than a 1% increase in sales over last year, while store traffic was down by 2.7%.

In Economic Recession People Seek Debt Relief and Love

Dating and the economy According to, when people are in need of debt relief and worried about their finances, they turn to love. The website reports that membership sales are up 20%, despite monthly fees of $60. Bathsheba Birman, co-founder of dating service Nerds at Heart, says, “They’re looking for something that’s genuine in
The numbers don't look good. To find debt relief, you may have to pack up and move where the jobs are. (Photo:

Debt Relief Can Be Found in Cities with Strong Work Forces

A Change of Scenery Can Help If consumers are looking for debt relief, one way to speed up the process is to go to cities heavily focused on creating jobs. According to MarketWatch’s annual survey of where businesses tend to settle and create employment, there are some cities that are far above the rest in
Some expatriates in Dubai who lose work will be able to repay their personal loans, but not all. (Photo:

Personal Loans in Dubai – Past and Present

Dubai – A Country Filled With Personal Memories My profile states that I had been working as a sales executive in different countries. The currently troubled emirate of Dubai was the country that was my home for 14 years. Those were the boom time years. Real Estate projects that are currently under pressure were the
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Operation Homefront Needs Donations to Help Families

Military families struggling This holiday season is going to be a tough one for a lot of people. So many families are struggling economically, and fewer people are donating to charity. This has hit Operation Homefront especially hard. Operation Homefront is a charitable organization that helps military families. Requests for assistance from Operation Homefront are
The way things are going, small businesses are going to need more than that. What about a cash advance for all? (Photo:

Do We Need a Cash Advance or More Small Businesses?

America Could Use a Bit of Each The U.S. has finally traveled out of the dark ages of recession, or so it seems, because a few people I know have had to utilize cash advance loans to keep their businesses afloat. Many of financial hardships that people are facing aren’t spewing forth from a lack
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Your Home is Still Your Greatest Asset

Why Invest in a Depreciating Asset? Many people balk at putting money into their homes in the current situation. Home prices and values are falling, and equity loans for home improvements are all but impossible to get. With falling values, few people have any equity left. No one can blame homeowners for not wanting to

So Are We Recovering or Not? The Answer may Be Up To Us

Up and Down at the Same Time One of the challenges at the beginning of any economic recovery is reading mixed indicators. One sector of the economy will perk up while another sector takes a downturn. Moreover, most areas of the economy remain stagnant. The average consumer is confused, and investors are reluctant to part