The economy concerns everyone, whether they know it or not. From employment to prices, debt levels to wealth levels, there is very little in life that is not touched in some fashion by economics.   Credit, in particular, powers the modern economy. While those in the upper income brackets enjoy the cushion of savings and borrowing to increase wealth, those in the lower brackets must often resort to the only forms available to them, namely bad credit loans, pawn shops, payday loans and cash advance loans.   We cover matters of macroeconomics that concern all of us, and help us make better-informed decisions: Is it the right time to risk starting a business? Buying a house? Investing in the Markets?   Our economic experts can help you make those decision by providing a clear picture of where the economy as a whole – globally and locally – stand currently, and where it is likely to stand in the future.

Stocks Soar to Record Highs Even with Rate Hikes on the Horizon

Stocks recently soared to record highs even with rate hikes on the horizon. The NASDAQ and the S&P 500 both closed strong after the jobs report came out with numbers that were better than expected. The Dow Jones increased by 190 points, which meant that for the week, it posted a gain. Top contributors included

Stocks Continue to Break Records – Is It Really Different this Time?

Stocks continue to break records despite financial analysts’ predictions of doom due to Brexit, or Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, and sluggish economies throughout the world. Artificially low oil prices due to the price war between Saudi Arabia and shale-oil producers in the United States, despite providing a big benefit to consumers, have

Economy Finally Shows Signs of Decent Growth

The recent jobs report certainly made some investors happy as the surprisingly high numbers brightened up the country’s economic outlook. For the second straight month, the U.S. added jobs. Wages also picked up a little steam. Good news came from the trading floor as well since stocks recently posted record highs while volatility is hovering

Most New Jobs Created in the Recovery are Second Rate

While economists and investors are celebrating the new jobs report that shows 255,000 new jobs were added in July, many of the new jobs created in recent years have been second-rate ones. If an individual is unable to live by having just one of the new jobs created, then he or she may need two

Wages are Rising! Jobs Are Increasing! Is a Real Recovery Here at Last?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its report for July 2016, and the numbers have some people speculating that a real recovery may be at hand. Wages have been rising consistently for the past few months; the average hourly wage for July was $25.69. The unemployment rate was 4.9 percent for July, which was

Irrational Exuberance Redux – Do Market Fundamental Even Matter Anymore?

Irrational Exuberance Redux – Do Market Fundamental Even Matter Anymore? During the 1990s, in the midst of the dot-com bubble, the then-Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan issued a warning that the American market might be overvalued. He placed the blame on sustained low inflation and lower risk premiums, which can lead to escalated asset

Markets Hitting Record Highs Following Global Central Banks Easing Signals

Huge recent changes in world politics and financial institution policies are shaking up the global economy. The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, a move dubbed Brexit, has rocked share prices as the value of the pound against the dollar experiences dramatic dips and peaks. The Bank of Japan implemented a risky policy

Helicopter Money Rotors Warm Up in Japan Following Bernanke Visit

Despite worrisome economic indicators, markets recently soared to all-time highs based on speculation that Japan plans to inject helicopter money into its economy to combat the country’s deflation. This best-guess prognostication was fueled by former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke’s dramatic visit to meet with Japanese leaders to discuss stimulus packages and helicopter money according

The Chinese Solution for Too Much Debt? More Debt

During the first quarter of the year, China’s debt grew to 237 percent of its gross domestic product or GDP. While this level matches that of the Eurozone or the United States, it’s much bigger than the debt levels of most developing economies. What is the Chinese solution for too much debt? Clearly, it’s more

Italy Could Bring the Euro to Its Knees

The European Union has faced numerous challenges over the last decade. The financial crisis in Greece has been expensive, requiring substantial loans and concessions in an effort to stabilize that nation’s economy. Unemployment rates in countries such as Spain have topped 25 percent, growth is stagnant and many member nations are dealing with a rapidly

Smartest Investors in the World Aghast at Post-Brexit Market Rally

Financial markets are always unpredictable–that’s why investing is risky. Every winning investment usually involves someone losing money, and predictions about major trends and events—such as Britain’s exit from the EU–are rarely incorrect. However, the timing is more difficult to pinpoint, but timing is everything in financial markets. That’s why day trading has become so popular

The 72 Billion Dollar Payday Loan Racket in Puerto Rico – With Taxpayer Backing

With a debt bill totaling around $72 billion, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory that is clearly in financial trouble. Did Wall Street play a role in creating the island’s debt crisis? It certainly seems so. The ReFund America Project reports that the financial sector is responsible for setting up a $72 billion payday loan

Fed President Loretta Mester – Next Step in Monetary Policy Is Helicopter Money

The President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Loretta Mester, recently joined a parade of Fed officials who have endorsed the concept of “helicopter money” as a possible solution to the prospect of a severe economic downturn worldwide. reported that Mester, speaking in Australia before the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), opened the

Why do 62 People Own Half of Planet Earth?

Six years ago, no one could have imagined that only 62 people would now hold the bulk of the world’s wealth. At the time, that title was shared by 388 individuals. In the wake of the global recession, between 2010 and 2015 the staggering gap in wealth and poverty has ballooned at an alarming rate.

What More Payday Loan Stores than McDonald’s and Starbucks Franchises Says about the Economy

A sweep of current headlines on the state of the economy portrays positive signs: robust house sales, steady unemployment rates and rising personal income. However, analysis of the payday lending industry paints a very different picture of the economic conditions of middle-class America. Despite restrictions on cash advance practice in almost one-third of the nation’s

Clinton’s Campaign Threatened by Economic Anxiety

George Gallup began conducting polls to measure public opinion in 1935, and there are few Americans who have never heard of the Gallup Poll. The company has been conducting regular polls to measure the level of confidence Americans have in the nation’s economy, and the results show that the majority of the respondents are pessimistic

Trump Riding Populist Sentiment with Promise to Bring Back American Jobs

Populism has been one of the most versatile political positions for more than 2,000 years. In simple terms, it holds the view that the common citizens are suffering from exploitation, mistreatment or abuse meted out by an elite group. The elites are viewed as using immoral or illegal methods to trample on the values, rights