The economy concerns everyone, whether they know it or not. From employment to prices, debt levels to wealth levels, there is very little in life that is not touched in some fashion by economics.   Credit, in particular, powers the modern economy. While those in the upper income brackets enjoy the cushion of savings and borrowing to increase wealth, those in the lower brackets must often resort to the only forms available to them, namely bad credit loans, pawn shops, payday loans and cash advance loans.   We cover matters of macroeconomics that concern all of us, and help us make better-informed decisions: Is it the right time to risk starting a business? Buying a house? Investing in the Markets?   Our economic experts can help you make those decision by providing a clear picture of where the economy as a whole – globally and locally – stand currently, and where it is likely to stand in the future.

Manufacturing Hiring Skyrockets as Economy Shifts into Overdrive

The headlines are everywhere and simply cannot be ignored. Reuters reports that “U.S. private employment growth eases but manufacturing shines: ADP.” The Wall Street Journal says that “Manufacturing industry has strongest job increase in three years.” And these are only a few of them. Everywhere you look–online or in print–you are sure to find major

Trump’s Popularity Soars to 51% as Roaring Economy Takes Off

Don’t look now, but President Trumps popularity is appearing to be skyrocketing. But of course everything is relative. Over the past few weeks, the president has seen his popularity “soar” as high as 51 percent, according to one poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports. While that might not sound like much, it does represent a majority of those

Chinese Tariffs Pave Way for a Destructive Trade War

In the continuing work of economic attrition between two of the world’s greatest superpowers, China has recently announced the levying of new tariffs on over 100 North American products – including certain cars, chemicals, and the ever-popular soy. This announcement, which first came from the global superpower in the East, came in the early days

Should the Installment Loan Industry Be More Tightly Regulated?

When it comes to the installment loan industry, there are many opinions. Those who have good credit, access to credit cards and middle class paychecks tend to view the industry as predatory and in need of major regulation. However, people who earn low wages, have poor credit and face limited borrowing options often view the

Payday Loans and the Borrower’s FICO Credit Score

When it comes to payday loans, there are many myths and misconceptions about whether a short-term loan can help borrowers boost their credit scores to qualify for better conventional credit cards or lower-interest loans. The complete answer is complex. While some borrowers might see a slight improvement in their FICO scores after taking out a

Economic Innovation: Despite Global Economic Insecurity, Worker-owned Cooperatives Flourish

Economic volatility is a distress signal that is constantly being emitted from the global financial sector. During times of economic uncertainty, attention tends to gravitate towards businesses that thrive even in an environment marked by widespread economic turmoil. Why is a certain business sector doing so well when others are struggling to survive? This question

Why Payday Lenders Thrive in Our Economy

There has been much said about the payday lending industry as a whole. Some people feel that the industry itself is not well regulated and can be somewhat predatory. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that payday loans serve to fill a gap in the economy when some people are out of other

Pew study finds shrinking middle class is an economic minority

A recent Pew study found the presently shrinking middle class is now in the minority, as those between poor and well-off are becoming fewer and farther between. It’s a phenomenon that’s been observed and lamented for some time. Fewer people able to be middle class anymore The term “middle class” can be construed any number

Questioning the Payday Loan Industry’s Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

Lender matching services like Personal Money Store and lenders that offer payday loans online and in storefronts advertise small, short-term loans as a quick fix to temporary financial difficulties. After a short request procedure, approved consumers are able to receive the money inside of the store within a few hours or have it deposited into

An Overview of Online Payday Lending Industry Customers

There is hardly any category of the finance industry that has not carved out a niche for itself on the Internet. This especially holds true for the payday lending industry, which has come a long way from being an add-on service at check-cashing establishments and has continued to perform well during the recent recession. In

The Negative Repercussions of a Payday Loan Ban

Let’s say certain consumer advocate groups got their way; what would the effects of a payday loan ban be? Certain demographics would lack access to credit (though some assert harmful credit), or would use potentially worse forms, among other potential effects. First effects of payday loan ban are denying supply, not demand The primary effects

Credit union payday loans among growing alternatives

For a sector that prides itself on its virtue, credit union payday loans don’t seem a likely product to exist. However, despite the stigma of the product and the industry, credit unions and other entities are slowly taking an alternative product mainstream. Slow growth in credit union payday loans Payday and other short term loan

The Bubble And Bust Cycle

In macroeconomics, one of the dominant forces is what’s referred to as the “Bubble and Bust” cycle, also called “boom and bust.” The idea is that demand, and thus value, for certain goods or services will rise until the market cannot bear the price and then the value of that commodity crashes, which can leave
Stocks in bull market

Stock Markets Continue to Explode Higher — But Can It Last?

On October 17, the Dow Jones topped 23,000 in midday trading, setting another record a mere six weeks after reaching 22,000. Since Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016, the Dow Jones has climbed 26 percent, due in part to Trump’s plans for deregulation, corporate tax reductions and spending on infrastructure. There is
payday advance cash gains attention of big banks

As Advance Cash Lending Faces New Regulations, Big Banks Want In

Advance cash loans, which are sometimes called paycheck advances, have become increasingly popular since the 1990s. Most borrowers can obtain small-dollar loans with just a verifiable source of income and a checking account, and many lenders do not run credit checks or require a minimum credit score. The loans are typically due in full on

Easy Loans! Bad Credit OK! Have we Learned Nothing from the Last Crash?

Alternative lenders are taking up the slack for both businesses and consumers by offering easy loans, and many of these lenders are using unusual criteria to approve loans. This could result in a financial catastrophe under the right conditions. A recent article posted at made a strong case that the current market conditions are

Cash Advance Industry Faces New Scrutiny from the CFPB

In June 2016, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed a multitude of severe lending regulations characterized as consumer protection from payday debt traps. Citing investigative data, the CFPB steadfastly argued that cash advance and payday loans lead to consumers becoming debt-ridden and that their proposed statutes would serve to protect consumers from the so-called