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Blippy credit card info exposed to identity theft on Google

The Blippy credit card info exposed on Google is way too much information.  Blippy invites users use the social networking service to tell their friends about what they buy online. Venturebeat reported Friday that at least one person figured out how to find Blippy members’ credit card numbers on Google. A search VentureBeat calls “fairly
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Online credit card scam stole millions, pennies at a time

An online credit card scam that stole millions of dollars, pennies at a time, was halted by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. The online credit card scam used fake companies and identity theft to steal small amounts of money that went undetected by consumers or fraud detectors. Over four years, more than a million people
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Eppicard | Scammers target state payment debit cards

There are currently 19 U.S. states that use Eppicard to process and distribute state payments. Recently, Eppicard users have been the target of phishing scams. Are Eppicards an effective way for states to distribute benefits? How Eppicard is used The Eppicard system is a third-party “servicing” company that provides financial services for states. In 19
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With credit reform, credit card offers are getting more deceptive

Credit card reform doesn’t mean consumers can relax and feel protected. Now more than ever people need to be wary. The credit card reform act of 2009 is cutting into some of the more underhanded credit card scams from financial institutions. So now those institutions are just trying harder to sign people up for credit
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Plunging consumer credit spawns deceptive new credit card fees

Consumer credit dropped in May much further than was forecast, with the decline led by significant drop in credit card debt. Credit card delinquencies fell to their market rate since 2002. As Americans save more and borrow less, desperate credit card companies are coming up with new ways to gouge customers. New credit card rules