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The table's set but nobody's home. Restaurants are in need of serious debt relief. (Photo:

Restaurants Look for Debt Relief During Recession

Restaurants are Failing Everywhere The recession has forced some restaurants to be in urgent need of debt relief. Because people have cut back on their spending, many restaurants have seen the lowest customer numbers in years. In particular, high-end to mid-level restaurants are seeing heavy declines in patronage because they are losing customers to fast-food
Sheila Jackson Lee image from Wikimedia.

Sheila Jackson Lee Squares Off Against Rush Limbaugh

House Rep. says keep Limbaugh out of NFL When I wrote earlier about the possibility of Rush Limbaugh buying the St. Louis Rams, I kind of thought that whole process had been snuffed out already. Apparently I was mistaken, as yesterday Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) in a floor speech said the NFL should not

Spokane Website Design – Adworkz – Performance Marketing – SEO

Website Design, SEO, Advertising, and Marketing in Spokane WA The “Pay Only For Real Customers” Network New Spokane Washington company enters Spokane market for website design, internet marketing, lead generation, search engine optimization and video production services (see location: Spokane Website Design). Adworkz is primarily an affiliate advertising network that connects advertisers through an affiliate
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Gourmet Magazine’s Reign Ends Abruptly

Renowned food magazine shuts down Gourmet Magazine has been around for nearly 70 years, but that will no longer be the case. Famous chef, food TV personality and author Anthony Bourdain called Gourmet Magazine “the center of gravity” of the food publication industry, according to The Los Angeles Times at,0,5038590.story. “It’s certainly the grand
Don't forget, even cheap furniture is expensive to ship. Image from Flikr.

Boyle’s Furniture Outlet America’s New Favorite

Boyle’s Furniture featured on ‘Today’ It never fails. Any time a business is mentioned on the “Today” show, it suddenly becomes infinitely more popular as people seek to find the company’s web site, study it and book mark it so they will be able to find it any time they are trying to do the
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Tylenol Recall 2009 | Children’s SoftChews and Meltaways

Company fears consumes could overdose Tylenol has issued a recall of all 80-milligram Children’s Tylenol Meltaways packaged in bottles and blisters, 80-milligram Children’s Tylenol SoftChews packaged in blisters, and 160-milligram Jr. Tylenol Meltaways packaged in blisters. The Tylenol recall 2009 is totally voluntary, not ordered by the FDA. The company that issued the Tylenol products,
Can't figure out how to incorporate your favorite picture into your e-mail signature?

How to Add an Image to Your Signature in Gmail

Gmail’s happy customers Most of the people who I know who use Gmail absolutely love it. The endless storage capacity, search feature, automatically save chats and several other features have made most Gmail users happy customers. However, as the use of Gmail spreads to the point of near e-mail monopoly, people are beginning to use

Hillary Clinton Angry | “I’m Secretary, Not My Husband!”

Lost in translation Recently, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat down for a town hall-style meeting at the Congolese capital of Kinshasa. According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, her stop is part of an 11-day tour through Africa to promote “development and good governance, and to underscore the Obama administration’s commitment” to aiding the
And you thought this type of caffeine had a big effect on business productivity.

Google Caffeine Could Affect Many Businesses

Google Caffeine might shake things up There’s no doubt about the fact that Google is the go-to search engine for a vast majority of the world. While most casual users do appreciate the power inherent with being the world’s most-used search engine, it’s a little crazy to think of the extent this power goes to.