No Cash Now? Give Great Holiday Gifts on a Tight Budget

Recession causes holiday stress

Making your own liquer is easy, and it makes great holiday gifts. Image from Flickr.

Making your own liquer is easy, and it makes great holiday gifts. Image from Flickr.

This is the time of year for giving, but with the current economy you may be short on cash now. Exchanging gifts can be a fun and exciting part of the holiday season, but can also be a source of stress and worry. There is the hassle of figuring out what to buy, coupled with the anxiety over cost.

Particularly during these tough financial times, stretching the budget to buy presents can be a challenge. Fortunately, with a little creativity and exploration, the undertaking can be a lot more enjoyable and pocket friendly.

Get some Inspiration

For those having trouble with finding the right gift, there are a few places to turn. Whether you are intending to shop in stores or online, a great place to get ideas is on gift sites. Two helpful ones are and These sites offer gift suggestions based on information you provide about the recipient.

On you can take a quiz that narrows possible gifts by gender, age and personality traits. Additionally, you can choose from pre-sorted groupings of gifts to browse through. offers a similar questionnaire, but also takes the occasion and person’s relationship to you into account. These sites both offer the option of purchasing the gifts through online, but they are also great sources of ideas for present shopping in general.

Now how about a Great Deal

If you already have an idea of what to buy and do not mind shopping online, eBay can be a great resource. It is free to sign up for an account and can be a great way to get an amazing deal on a hot product. Besides, you do not have to spend hours sifting through products that you do not want. EBay allows you to narrow your search by several different factors, giving you the ability to eliminate items that do not meet your specifications.

When searching for gifts, it is often a good idea to remove the used items from the search, unless you are looking for antique or vintage piece. If you are short on time, it can help to keep the search to results within your own country so that the mailing time will be shorter, and if you are extra low on cash now, sort your results from low cost to high and start looking at the top of the list.

Gifts from the Heart that Go Straight to the Thighs

Getting in touch with your crafty side can be another option for those looking to save some cash now over the holidays. Indulging in decadent sweets is a regular part of the season. Instead of baking a bunch of different kinds of cookies, why not become the ultimate resource for one kind of indulgence?

Become the definitive fudge or toffee maker. Create to-die-for truffles or caramel corn. Whatever your choice, find a fantastic recipe and concentrate on making it well. Next, package it up in bags or boxes tied with festive ribbon, and you have great gifts. The best part is that the packages need not be very big because of the richness of the treats.

Another idea is to create a signature liqueur. Recipes can be found online and are relatively easy to make. Pour your creation into bottles and add ribbons and tags and they are ready to give. On the other hand, if your recipient is artsy, but you are woefully uncreative you can check out a wide array of inspired items at a great price on

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