Cash Advance Loans Store Robbery Gets Man 10 Years

Repeat offenders treated harshly

Its too bad signs like this arent very effective. Image from Flickr.

Image from Flickr.

It’s true, you can’t be thrown in prison for 10 years for robbing a cash advance loans store. However, the situation is different if you have already served time for robbery before. A man who robbed a payday loan store in Minnesota at gun point has been sentenced to 10 years in prison followed by six years of extended supervision.

There are a few other extenuating circumstances that contributed to the lengthy sentence given to Raymundo Gallegos. He has been in prison for armed robbery before, and the judge said Gallegos didn’t show remorse for this crime. Furthermore, his charge comes with the added detail that he used “threat of force.” Two employees at the payday loan store says he threatened to shoot them in the head if they didn’t give him cash.

Details on the robbery

The robbery occurred June 16, and despite the months that have gone by, one employee is still on medical leave because she is too afraid to go to work. The manager of the cash advance loan store, called Check Mate Cash Advance Center, said he wasn’t scared, but he was angry.

After Gallegos pulled out a handgun at the payday loan store in LaCrosse county, the manager says, “”I had to stare down the barrel of that gun for two to three minutes. I have to live with the fact that, had that gun gone off, I might not be standing here today.”

A special case

Perhaps the judge was trying to make somewhat of  an example of Gallegos. The judge during the sentencing said “What you did cannot be excused in any way, shape or form.” Payday loan store robberies have become more and more common lately as criminals have figured out that the stores must keep large amounts of cash on hand in order to do business.

Unfortunately, most payday loan store robberies do not end with the robber getting 10 years in prison. Usually, the last thing heard about a payday loan store robbery is that “police are seeking a suspect.” Last week, several reports flooded in about payday loan store robberies, including incidents in Oklahoma, Kansas and Indiana. In most cases, the culprits have not been found. However, payday loan stores every day are increasing security measures, and police are starting to crack down in many areas.