Cash Advance Loans for Businesses

Financial Emergencies in Business

Cash advance loans can be a fast cash infusion for businesses, too. (Photo:

Cash advance loans can be a fast cash infusion for businesses, too. (Photo:

All businesses should be capable of weathering any situation, good or bad. This is of dire importance, particularly when these situations affect the money that is invested in the business. To help businesses deal with the evolving and sometimes unstable economy, there are now cash advance loans. These loans are helpful because they allow a business to obtain cash in the easiest possible way, and can be the simplest way to resolve any emergency needs for large sums of money.

How Does this Service Work?

Obtaining this loan requires future credit card sales and a merchant account. The merchant is eligible to get money from the lender once they agree on a part of the merchant’s future profit as the payment. First, the merchant gets to decide what percentage of this profit is sent to the lender when, in the future, a credit card sale is completed. The lender will then give the money to the merchant and wait on a MasterCard or Visa payment.

Why Choose this Over a Business Loan or Line of Credit?

The main appeal of choosing to obtain a cash advance loan instead of opting for the more traditional business line of credit or business loan is that this service offers a much faster way of gaining capital for your business, while being extremely easy to process. Payment of this loan is completely automated. The minute you process your MasterCard or Visa payment, you have already started paying back your lender. The speed with which you can obtain this loan makes it a great way to get large sums of money in emergency situations. Bank loans and line of credit loans usually take a much longer time to follow through, and in the meantime you could be losing valuable business. With business cash advance loans, you can easily avoid this.

Other Advantages of Cash Advance Loans

Business loans are often denied based on bad credit history. However, this option does not require excellent credit history.  Lenders are also flexible and will consider your business’s financial situation. If profits are only coming in very slowly, they will allow you to pay lower amounts.

Unlike business loans, requesting cash advance loans does not involve any collateral. Nor does it involve any fixed terms or fees. You can request and be approved for this loan in just a few hours, making it an ideal option to take when you need the cash immediately. A lot of the difficulties that you would usually face when opting for a business loan or a business line of credit are eliminated with this type of loan. This makes it perfect for any day during which you unexpectedly need large sums of money.

Use the Money as You Like

Another benefit is the fact that you are allowed to use the money in any way you please. Often with business loans, you sign an agreement that compels you to spend the money only in the ways that are agreed upon. You are not under this restraint when it comes to a business cash advance.

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