The Cash Advance Application Process, Simplified

Here’s the Cash Advance Process in a Nutshell

Requesting a cash advance at Personal Money Store is very convenient. Check out our application today! (Photo:

Requesting a cash advance at Personal Money Store is very convenient. Check out our application today! (Photo:

It is not difficult to get an online cash advance loan these days, and it seems that just about anyone can get one. An element that adds the cherry on top of a payday advance is that the process can be quick, easy and convenient.

There are simple measures that a future borrower needs to undergo, such as researching which companies offer them the best customer satisfaction, and other areas of service that help streamline the request procedure. These make things roll as smoothly as possible.

Some Cash Advance Requirements You Should Know

The requirements for getting a cash advance are generally that a borrower be at least 18 years of age. A valid checking account and a minimum monthly income of $1,000 are usually required as well. There are many cash advance lenders who have different requirements, such as three months of employment history and a checking account in the borrower’s name that has been open for at least as long as the consumer’s employment history. Also, a borrower should make sure that all of his/her important information is gathered for the application. Financial information such as bank statements, pay stubs, and account and savings numbers should all be ready. With the proper preparation, a borrower can speed up the already short request procedure considerably.

What if You Don’t Have Checking or Are Self-Employed?

There are many cash advance lenders who will gladly accept a valid savings account in lieu of a checking account. It’s also a great idea to check with your chosen cash advance lender to see exactly what they require. If you are self-employed, lenders may require a few more documents from you. Income documentation, typically for a three- to six-month time span, might be asked of you in a situation of self-employment. However, online cash advance lending companies like Personal Money Store are a tad more lenient as far as the income requirements and supporting documentation goes.

With Personal Money Store, it Couldn’t Be Easier

You’re here at Personal Money Store because the online application is very easy to use. You should have all of your information handy, as it speeds up the process. Have your social security number ready. After all of the necessary information has been given, lenders verify the information given through a series of databases. Many lenders advertise that they guarantee consumers no credit rating or bad credit loans. You’d have to have been living under a rock if you’ve never heard the typical, “No-Credit” or “Bad-Credit” cash advance invites. This pulls the situation into the borrower’s favor, because even if they are denied by their chosen lender, many other cash advance sources are available.

A payday lender who approves you for a cash advance will contact you by phone or E-mail after reviewing your application. At this point in the process, the lender will carefully outline all repayment terms and discuss the length of the cash loan. There are some businesses who offer a same-day cash advance, but that won’t always happen. Generally, cash advance companies can have your money in your account within three to five business days.

Electronically Wired Funds

Funds that are electronically wired into a borrower’s bank account will be available to them a lot quicker, but there may be extra fees from your bank and cash advance lender attached. Speak with your lender in depth about wire transfers before you decide to commit. Aside from the extra costs the lender may charge, wire transfers can be the fastest, easiest way to receive cash advances. Again, take note that many lenders charge a 10 to 15 percent fee of the total transfer amount for wire transfer services.

Your Information Should Be Treated With Care

The best thing for you to do is your homework. Make sure that you are completely aware of the risks you could face when offering your personal information. A study conducted by a group of University of Toledo marketing graduate students showed that out of 50 online cash advance services, as many as 10 do not provide secure cash advance application pages. This is not the case with Personal Money Store, however.

Many different types of companies were listed in the survey, which included payday loans, unsecured loans, online loans and short-term loans. Make sure that you’re careful. If your personal information is unsecure and floating around the World Wide Web, even the most moderate of hackers can access all of your personal records. Remember that the most well known, and established, companies are best. That’s the kind of security Personal Money Store offers you.

Find That Privacy Policy!

Just to make sure that you know your personal information is secure and not at risk of being hacked, start with the cash advance company’s privacy policy, which should be posted somewhere on the Web site. Make sure you look for a few sentences that should read something like this: “We do not share personal information with any outside entity, or engage in third party marketing.” Once all of the anxiousness and fear has gone away, remember these simple measures needed, and get your cash advance today!

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