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If you’re in the market for a new or used car or wondering if there’s a way to lower your monthly payments on the car you own now, check out the new Car Deal Expert website. It’s a great resource for anyone who owns a car or is thinking about buying one – and that’s a lot of people. Car Deal Expert can save you thousands of dollars by helping you find the very best car loan available.

A full-service site

Car Deal Expert offers a full range of financial services for car buyers and car owners. In addition to great deals on new-car loans, used-car financing, and auto refinancing, you’ll find expert answers to all kinds of automobile-related questions. Should you purchase an extended warranty? How much of your income should you spend on a car? What’s the best way to finance an RV? Can you save money by refinancing your car loan? How does a loan pre-approval affect your negotiating power with car dealerships? Can you get a car loan without good credit?

No hassle, no obligation

At Car Deal Expert, the entire loan-approval process is done online. All you do is fill out one short application and Car Deal Expert does all the legwork for you. Within minutes, you’ll be in contact with a lender offering the best available terms for your individual situation. There’s no waiting or worrying or hassling. And there’s no obligation, either. Car Deal Expert will find you a reputable lender very quickly, but whether you agree to the terms offered is completely up to you.

Improved bargaining power

Getting a quick loan pre-approval on the Car Deal Expert site before you go out to buy a car can save you a lot of headache and trouble, not to mention money. If nothing else, when you’ve already been approved for a loan, you’ll know whether the financing offered by the dealer is fair. And when you walk into a vehicle showroom with a pre-approval in hand, salespeople are less inclined to persuade you to spend more than your stated limit.

Lower interest rates

When you request a loan through a car dealership, you may not be offered the lowest interest rate available because higher interest rates can mean higher sales commissions. But when you get started at Car Deal Expert, you will be matched with a lender offering the lowest interest rate available, or a choice of lenders offering various rates and loan terms, depending on your circumstances.

New-car loans. Buying a new car is one of the most important investment decisions most of us will ever make. But too often, people get so excited about the car that they don’t bother to shop for a loan. Instead, they walk into the dealership and blindly accept whatever financing the dealer offers. Many online lenders have better interest rates and more favorable loan terms than dealerships do. So before you go out to buy a new car, take just a few minutes to find out how much you can save by getting a loan pre-approval through Car Deal Expert.

Used-car loans. New-car prices have risen steadily over the years, and used-car prices have kept pace. Used-car financing has become commonplace, and today, if purchase a vehicle that’s only one or two years old, your payments will be nearly as high as a new-car loan. New or used, buying a car is a huge undertaking, and it makes good sense to shop carefully for the best possible loan.

Auto refinancing. If you bought your car when interest rates were high or if you accepted dealer financing without shopping around for better deals, paying off your existing car loan with a new lower-interest loan can save you thousands of dollars. If you bought your car before you had established credit and you’ve been making your payments regularly for a couple of years, you might be able to qualify for a lower interest rate now. If you’ve been working on improving your credit score and you’re still paying on an auto loan, there’s no reason to wait until the next time you buy a car to get a better interest rate. By refinancing your vehicle, you may be able to save money every month, starting right now.

Moving on

The past few years have been economic nightmares for lots of people, but that doesn’t change the fact that most people still need cars just to get to and from work. Lots of people today are afraid to request a vehicle loan because of damaged credit scores resulting from the loss of a home or job. But buying a car and making regular payments on the loan can help repair the damage done. If you’re lucky enough to be back on your feet with a job, making car-loan payments like clockwork can do your credit score a world of good.

Getting an answer

There’s a comforting anonymity in requesting online for a loan at Car Deal Expert. If you don’t qualify, at least you have an answer, and no one’s going to know but you. But if you don’t get started, you’ll never know; and if you do get started, you just might be pleasantly surprised. Best of all, if you qualify for a loan through Car Deal Expert, you can rest assured you’re being offered the the terms available.

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