How to Buy Groceries when Pay Day is Far Away

Is it Possible to Eat Well on a Budget?

Plan ahead to save money on groceries.

Plan ahead to save money on groceries.

For many people, going grocery shopping can be a bit of a chore and it becomes an even more unpleasant experience when pay day is far off. You want to get as much as you can for the least amount of money, especially if you are buying for a family.

Sure, you could get by eating boxed mac and cheese and hot dogs, but unless you are a college student, the old metabolism is probably not going to tolerate that for very long. So what are the best ways to stretch your grocery dollars?

The Tried and True

For years, people have been clipping coupons to save on various household items. It seems this trend has inexplicably become less common in recent years. Cutting coupons is a great way to save money on groceries.

Stores are banking on the fact that few people will take the time to clip coupons or that they will not remember to use them once they get into the store. If you do use them though, you can save a bundle, especially if you live near a store that offers double coupon days or similar incentives.

A Modern Twist on the Tried and True

A more recent idea that offers similar discounts to coupons is the store discount card. Some stores offer a free card that shoppers can sign up for and use each time they shop in the store. This is not to be confused with a store credit card, which can eat up your pay day money before you get it. The store discount card offers a sale price on certain items only to card holders. Again, in this way the store does not have to offer the discount to everyone, but if you have signed up for one you get the lower price.

Always Plan Ahead

Watch your local fliers and make a list for each store. Try to plan your meals for the week using as many of the sale items as possible. Also, organizing your trip ahead of time and checking off items on your list can save on fuel, as you will take the most direct route and avoid extra trips for missed items.

Choose Wisely to Save Even More

Planning meals that use a lot of vegetables, such as stir-fries and soups can save a lot of money, and they’re healthy, too. You can also add some rice or pasta for not much more and, if you want to buy a small piece of meat, it can go a long way in these kinds of meals. Another way to save in the grocery store is to buy no-name or store brand items. Many of these products are made in the same factories, as the store brand items and are basically the same, without the high price tag.

A Little More Planning and a Lot Less Stress

By spending a bit more time comparing prices and planning out your meals and shopping ahead of time, there is a great deal of money to be saved. Follow these tips and the wait until pay day may not seem quite so long.

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