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Work: A welcome return

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I met up with my son this afternoon and I was delighted to see him smiling and looking very relaxed. “What’s going on?” I asked, thinking maybe he’d just gotten a cash advance loan. “Cars are pouring in,” he said. “Don’t ask me why or where from; I don’t know. All I can tell you is that my six technicians are working flat out, even overtime, and buisness is looking great.”

What a change from the past two months. My son operates a small business that provides pre-delivery services to car dealers. They fit radios, antennas, alarm systems, keypad locks, tracking devices, GPS, and even inboard computers. All these items, as ordered by the car buyers, are fitted while the car is in storage and prior to delivery.

Work stopped completely

Business was going quite well, despite being below its normal turnover due to the recession, and then about two months ago my son arrived at the storage center one morning to be told, “You have to take your crew out of here. There are no new cars and we cannot tell you when cars will start arriving again. We can’t have your men wandering around with nothing to do.” Naturally, he was devastated. He switched to providing repair services, but that dried up after a week or so, too. Two of his technicians quit their jobs to look for other work, and as much as he valued them, he accepted their resignations with relief.

People were laid off

All in all he laid off only three men and managed to keep the other five busy with all sorts of car-related odd jobs. He himself looked pale and nervous as he stood and watched his years of hard work building the business go down the drain. Then he managed to get a cash advance loan to help him through the next few weeks.

Suddenly, business started up again

Today my son is a new man. He has worked until midnight almost every day this week to fill in for the men who left but is quite happy with the situation. On the other hand, he says, “It all happened so suddenly that I’m nervous I’ll get to the workshop one morning and we’ll be shut down again.”
From what I can make out in the press reports, the car industry is going through a major crisis in the wake of the recession. People simply are not buying new cars. But as always happens, after the shock wave dissipates, things return to some semblance of normality and everything starts up again. So long as you don’t look over your shoulder and see the newspaper headlines or the homeless in the streets, you’re fine.

The casualties are everywhere

The casualties are everywhere: the unemployed, the homeless, those that have lost their pensions and have had to return to work, and those who are working at jobs way below their positions before the recession. I think it’s going to take years and years for things to come right, if they ever do. The number of empty stores still seems to be increasing and retail trade is nowhere near what it was.

Let’s hope the holidays help!

Hopefully, the coming holiday season will give business a boost along with a dose of cheer. A cash advance loan is a good back-up plan to make sure ends meet while sharing a little joy in the upcoming (and expensive) holiday season.

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