Brooklyn nun Mary Turcotte lied to cover consensual encounter


The NYPD is dropping a manhunt after a nun admitted she made up an accusation of rape. Image: Flickr / soyunterrorista / CC-BY-ND

Police in Brooklyn are ending a manhunt. A nun, Mary Turcotte, had accused “a large black man” of rape. The nun has recanted her rape claim and admitted that she lied to cover a consensual encounter.

Nun recants rape claim

About one week ago, a nun of the order Apostles of Infinite Love accused a “large black man” of rape. She claimed that she was knocked out, dragged, and later woke up in a snowbank partially clothed. Police were uncertain of her story, given that no passers-by reported a nun in a habit being dragged or taken advantage of. The nun recanted her rape claim to police today, after they had begun distributing sketches of the made-up attacker.

Brooklyn nun lied to cover consensual encounter

The Brooklyn nun, Mary Turcotte, had lied in order to cover what turned out to be a consensual encounter. The nun of the Apostles of Infinite Love had a consensual encounter in the group living home the week before. She snuck a bodega worker into her home without her sisters’ knowledge. A woman at the group home said Turcotte was going to move out and the order was going to get her help for her “emotional break.”

The Apostles of Infinite Love

Mary Turcotte is a member of the Apostles of Infinite Love. The fringe Christian sect was started in 1936, when Michael Collin appointed himself an anti-pope, rejecting the Pope’s authority over the Catholic church. The sect has been charged several times in both criminal and civil court for alleged abuses that include sexual abuse and rape. French press refers to the group as a cult. The group keeps a relatively low profile in Brooklyn, where Mary Turcotte and her sisters live.


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