Breast milk face cream | Nano-bomb those zits away

A happy teenage boy smiles for the camera in close-up. Is he using breast milk face cream to keep his skin free and clear?

Breast milk face cream? Yes, please! (Photo: ThinkStock)

If you have trouble keeping your skin smooth and clean, breast milk face cream is on the scene. According to the British newspaper Telegraph, research scientists at the University of California have discovered that an ingredient found in breast milk called lauric acid has acne-fighting power. Unlike most commercial treatments, breast milk face cream produces none of the tell-tale side effects like red, irritated skin.

Attention, pimply teens: Try breast milk face cream!

Other ingredients are needed to create a cream that stays in the afflicted area. Yet the all-natural ingredients like lauric acid should shorten the testing period, as special permissions before testing can commence will be unnecessary. That’s exciting to researchers like the University of California’s Dissaya Pornpattananangkul, who told the Telegraph that this potential treatment could be a boon to “over 40 million people in the United States.” So get your payday loans now if you need to clear things up before that big date!

How the smart delivery system works

To keep the liposomes in breast milk face cream from fusing and rendering the treatment ineffective, gold nanoparticles are attached to the lauric acid. Once the cream comes in contact with skin, these “nano-bombs” – as Pornpattananangkul calls them – separate and seek out acne-causing bacteria. This precisely controlled distribution of drugs should have a positive impact on the treatment of a wide variety of skin infections, says Professor Lianfang Zhang of the University of California.

The same ingredient found in coconuts

Lauric acid naturally occurs in coconuts as well as in breast milk. Thus, eating Thai food may also be good for your skin, even if it’s too spicy for your stomach. But just imagine all of the problem skin that can be saved by Mother Nature in a soothing fashion, rather than through the scorched-earth approach of things like Retin-A cream. Breast milk may just be better – not just for the face, but also for baby. And unlike formula, breast milk hasn’t inspired any world-wide boycotts. If you need a short term loan or two for a lactation consultant, go for it. Your baby – and your skin – will thank you.

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