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Rickey Chekevdia has been found by Illinois State Police after two years of being hiding in the walls of his maternal grandparents' home. (Photo:

Rickey Chekevdia has been found by Illinois State Police after two years of being hiding in the walls of his maternal grandparents' home. (Photo:

Michael Chekevdia and Shannon Wilfong of Illinois appear to have had a difficult marriage. But the moment they had their son Ricky Chekevdia in 2003, the responsibility landed upon both their shoulders to ensure that Ricky had a safe, nurturing home. If Michael and Shannon had difficulties that could be dealt with in couples counseling, they were obligated to do this for their child. If they didn’t have the money to cover the sessions, they could have come here to request money now.

They did not do this. According to ABC News, Shannon abducted her child and hid in a secret room at her parents’ house. The boy was found in the wall. Thankfully, Ricky Chekevdia, six, is alive.

Ricky Chekevdia had been gone for two years

After a custody battle between the parents in which Michael was granted custody, Shannon Wilfong took the child and disappeared. It was only after a police search of the home of maternal grandmother Diane Dobbs that multiple crawlspaces and tunnels were discovered. The boy was found in a wall; he was huddled there with his mother, who was reportedly under the influence of drugs. Dobbs and fiancé Robert Sandefur had been arrested and charged with aiding and abetting. They posted bond with money now, but were promptly re-arrested when a witness came forward to tell police that Dobbs and Sandefur had threatened the life of their son. Wilfong is in custody for felony child abduction charges.

Wilfong alleged sexual abuse by father

Authorities investigated the claim, but found it to be without merit. Yet Wilfong and Dobbs cling to the notion that their actions were justified. Whether it is delusion, substance abuse or misplaced pride that prevents them from admitting their mistake, the child is the one who suffered. He suffered to the extent that he was likely kept in a wall much of the time, considering how pale his skin was upon discovery. According to Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Stan Diggs, “We let him out of the car, and he ran around like he’d never seen the outdoors. It was actually very sad.”

But Michael Chekevdia couldn’t be happier. “I was skeptical at best that something might happen,” he told “Good Morning America Weekend.” “When they notified me that they had found him, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather.”

So soon after Jaycee Lee Dugard

Obviously it’s just happy coincidence, but finding Ricky Chekevdia so soon after Jaycee Lee Dugard’s reappearance is more than noteworthy. Unlike Jaycee Lee Dugard’s daughters, however, Ricky Chekevdia had the benefit of some formal schooling, even if it was homeschooling through Shannon Wilfong during captivity. Despite the extreme circumstances foisted upon him by his mother and grandparents, Ricky appears to be in good spirits.

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Michael Chekevdia is not yet able to reunite with his son, as child welfare workers must first determine whether the boy is ready to see the father again. Considering Ricky’s age, it’s understandable that authorities treat the situation with sensitivity. Here’s hoping that father and child will soon be reunited. If the father needs to adjust his budgetary arrangements to make sure Ricky’s needs are met, money now is available. He can get started here by clicking the button above.

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