Borrow Money with a Payday Cash Loan, Avoid Bank Fees

Let’s talk truth about payday cash loans

Don't be a victim of pricey bank fees.

Don’t be a victim of pricey bank fees.

The payday cash loan industry is a good example of a situation in which a few bad apples spoiled the whole bunch. Politicians and news media only pay attention when people complain. That means the few borrowers who had a bad experience with payday loans have gotten a lot of attention. No one hears about my friend Luke, who avoided hundreds of dollars in bank fees, or my friend Sara who avoided a $100 NSF fee.

Payday cash loans can be a huge help for people who use them correctly. Payday loan lenders’ fees are less expensive than most bank fees, cheaper than letting your car sit in a tow yard or impound lot. It’s when people borrow more money than they can afford to pay back or don’t plan the timeline of their loans right that trouble happens. You can even get an installment loan if you don’t want to pay it off right away.

Save money, don’t waste it

Personal Money Store has contact with payday cash lenders all over the country. Different lenders charge different rates, but the average cost in the U.S. is about $15 per $100. So, if your  bank is going to charge you $35 for every charge when and after you exceed your account balance, you will save money by getting a payday loan.

I used to have a landlord who charged $25 per day for every day that rent was late. Payday cash loans definitely saved me money when my paycheck came a few days after rent was due. If you’ve ever gotten your car towed, you know how much those places charge to get your car back — and the ridiculous amounts they charge for each day you leave it there. These are all good examples of how payday cash loans can save you money. There is even the option of getting a bad credit auto loan if you need that. When you don’t have cash just lying around and you get into a bind, payday cash loans can keep it from being worse than it has to be.

Getting an online payday cash loan

Personal Money Store can connect you with a lender who will approve your loan online and electronically transfer your cash into your account. You don’t need to worry about a flawed credit rating standing in the way of you getting the help you need.

Your lender will charge a one-time fee that’s due when your payday loan is due. Payday cash loans generally have terms of about two weeks, so be careful when you set the date to pay back your loan. It’s very important that you have enough cash to pay off your full loan and your lender’s fees on the due date.

Get your payday cash loan quick

You can get started right now for a payday cash loan and get approved in just a few minutes. Don’t let any more time go by without getting the financial stability you need now.

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