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Your blind spot can hold great danger (Photo:

Your blind spot can hold great danger (Photo:

You’ve heard it said that people are often done in by their blind spot, right? I’m not talking about that episode of “The X-Files” where the villain always appeared to be in a blind spot, even when he was standing right in front of his victim. I’m also not referring to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s blind spot for “hot-blooded Latinas.” No, I’m talking about the blind spot that a standard side view mirror on a motor vehicle won’t reveal. That’s why drivers are taught to briefly glance over their shoulder when they’re changing lanes. Quick cash from short term loans can help remedy the problem that traditional side mirrors present, however.

Radar love of the blind spot

Christopher Jensen blogs for the New York Times that automakers are actively attempting to eliminate the number of lane-change accidents that occur due to blind spots. In some cases, radar systems are involved, such as with Ford’s Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). When radar detects something in your blind spot, a light on the side view mirror comes on. There’s also the Cross Traffic Alert feature, which scans 65 feet on either side of the rear of your car, in order to aid in backing. These options come with a hefty price tag, however: around $1,600.

Isn’t there something cheaper?

Yes, and it starts with doing something different with the moldy old design of side view mirrors. In truth, if side view and rear view mirrors are properly positioned, blind spots can be minimized (if not eliminated). Ideally, you want an object to appear in your side view mirror before it disappears from your rear view mirror. If there’s a significant gap between the two in terms of invisibility time, you have a huge blind spot of which you must be conscious.

So a redesign of side view (and rear view) mirrors is necessary. Some of these are currently available, including the BlindZoneMirror (Blind Zone Mirror). This is a patented system that integrates a smaller mirror into one quadrant of the side view mirror. This smaller mirror gives you a better view of your vehicle’s blind spot.

Please keep in mind that the blind spot’s size, shape and position varies greatly by vehicle, as each vehicle design is different. Thus, it is important to have a Blind Zone Mirror that is designed for your year, make and model of car.

An award-winner that saves lives

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Imagine you’re a parent. If you have children in the vehicle with you as you’re driving, wouldn’t you want to keep them as safe as possible? If you can’t easily monitor your blind spots, you aren’t doing that. Hence, a product like Blind Zone Mirror is essential. Parent company Magna International introduced the mirrors on the Ford Edge as a standard option, to rave reviews. They also appear on the Chevrolet Traverse, where they come standard on all but the most basic model. If you need quick cash from short term loans to upgrade to a model with the feature included, do it. Your safety is worth the extra cost. If you would like to request a loan, click the button you see here.

If you’re wondering what kind of notices the BlindZoneMirror has received, rest easy. It won the 2009 Automotive News’ PACE Awards, which honors “superior innovation and technological advancement.” The Blind Zone Mirror was described by award judges as “an elegant and inexpensive solution” to this blind spot safety issue.

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