Blackpad | Seven inches of Blackberry rumors


The Blackberry family could well include the Blackpad tablet. Image: Flickr / Honou / CC-BY

Rumors have been swirling around the Blackberry Blackpad. The keynote speech at Blackberry’s DevCon today may very well officially announce the Blackpad. There are still conflicting reports about when the device will be released, or if it will even be announced today. Either way, the Blackpad is sure to make some waves.

Why Blackberry needs the Blackpad

RIM, the Canadian company that makes the Blackberry, has found itself in a difficult spot the last few years. The Blackberry was originally designed and intended for business and government use. The tight security and business-heavy features made it very popular with that niche. Somewhere along the way, though, regular consumers started using the handsets. In order to stay financially secure, RIM has had to balance high performance with consumer-friendly design. With more customers defecting to Android or Apple devices, RIM and Blackberry need a big seller to keep their stockholders happy.

What is the Blackpad?

The Blackpad is, in short, an iPad competitor. A tablet computer with touch-based interface. The Blackpad hardware most likely will not make an appearance at the Blackberry developer conference. The details of the device may well be discussed, however. The screen will most likely be 7 inches, though 9.7 is also a possibility. There will also be either one or two cameras for videoconferencing. The biggest news is that Blackberry is developing a new operating system just for the Blackpad. You may not even need a no fax payday loan to buy one; the price may be lower than the iPad.

Who is the Blackpad for?

Though everyday consumers provide a large customer base for the Blackpad, RIM remains a business-based company. Blackberry is working with Amazon to create a new music application, and the Blackpad will reportedly be “equally targeted.” The biggest benefit is that the Blackpad could be released as a stand-alone device or on one of the four cellular networks that Blackberry already uses. In other words, no need to be tied to just one cell carrier for your tablet compatibility. The Blackpad is not the only competitor, though, as the WePad, Google Tablet and Samsung Galaxy Pad are both set for release soon.

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