Black Friday 2010 ads already leaking | Harbor Freight first

Black Friday shopping

Many Black Friday 2010 shoppers are already planning their Harbor Freight trip. Image: Flickr / Neil T. / CC-BY

Though Halloween is still weeks away, and Thanksgiving is even further, hardcore shoppers are already planning their Black Friday 2010. Harbor Freight is the first store to have its Black Friday ad released. The Harbor Freight Black Friday ad is exciting for people planning to buy tools, plus it marks the beginning of this year’s shopping mania.

Harbor Freight’s Black Friday 2010 deals

The Harbor Freight Black Friday advertisement for 2010 was the first leaked to, the website that has become the hub for leaked Black Friday ads. The Black Friday 2010 deals listed for Harbor Freight include an aluminum cargo carrier, surveillance cameras, portable generators and a cordless drill.  Shoppers who not in the market for tools can appreciate the Harbor Freight Black Friday 2010 advertisement as more an indicator of things to come than an actual shopping guide.

Black Friday 2010 ads released

Harbor Freight was the first Black Friday 2010 advertisement released. On Monday at 7:46 p.m., the print and online ads went live as a leaked Black Friday ad. Since then, however, there are other ads that may be Black Friday 2010 advertisements. Sears has released an ad for Oct. 29-30, while the Kmart Toys Catalog has also been released. These advertisements are just whetting the appetites of many hardcore Black Friday shoppers, who are known to take their shopping to the level of obsession.

Legal problems for Black Friday 2010 ads

Some companies are very careful to keep their Black Friday 2010 deals under wraps. Wal-Mart has already provided a pre-emptory cease-and-desist order to Other companies also have been careful to prevent their ads from being released, yet others openly advertise them. It’s a careful balancing act – release Black Friday 2010 ads too early, like Harbor Freight, and your competitors still have a chance to best you on prices. Release the ads too late, however, and your Black Friday 2010 sale ends up a footnote to most Black Friday shoppers.

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