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Supplements can help prevent and treat colds - but only if used properly. Image: Wikihow

In cold and flu season, the best supplements for immunity seem like a great way to spend money. The U.S. supplement market is worth $6.1 billion, and a single supplement bottle could run you $20 or more. While the benefits of supplements run the gamut, there are some basics that can get you the best supplements for immunity for your money.

Finding the best supplements for immunity

There are some supplements that are widely believed to be good for your immunity. Echinacea is the most popular cold prevention and treatment remedy that you will find, and it averages $6 to $15 for 100 capsules. A recent New England Journal of Medicine study, however, found that a placebo and echinacea were equally effective in treating or preventing cold symptoms. Treating symptoms with herbs is possible, but the best supplements for immunity are rarely the trendy ones.

Four best supplements for immunity

  1. Andrographis, also known and Kan Jang, has been found to be more effective than a placebo in treating cold symptoms.
  2. Elderberry has long been used as a treatment for common illnesses. An elderberry extract called Sambucol has been shown to prevent virus growth, thanks to strong antioxidants.
  3. While honey is a topical antibiotic, honeysuckle has proven itself as a treatment for respiratory infections. Making a tea with honeysuckle leaves, stems and berries can help loosen mucus as effectively as over-the-counter drugs
  4. Vitamin C has long been touted as a immune booster, and it does help. It won’t prevent you from getting a cold, but it could help shorten it. Taking more than 400 milligrams a day, though, doesn’t do any good because it washes out of your system.

Getting the most for your supplement money

If you’re spending you money to get the best supplements for immunity, make sure you’re spending your money well. Make sure your supplement does not have a reaction with other medications you are taking. You should also check the FDA’s list of alerts for dietary supplements to ensure what you buy doesn’t have any known safety issues.


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