Bellagio Casino arrest: Judge’s son stole $1.5 million in chips


The Bellagio is planning to discontinue the $25,000 chip. Image: Flickr / volkerschulz / CC-BY-ND

The story of the Bellagio Casino robbery, in which a man walked out with $1.5 million in chips, already sounded like it came out of a movie. Now, the added twist of the Bellagio Casino arrest makes it seem even more “Ocean’s 11.” A 29-year-old, Anthony Carleo, the son of a municipal judge, has been arrested for the robbery.

Bellagio Casino arrest

On Thursday, Feb. 3, police arrested and charged Anthony Carleo for the robbery of the Bellagio casino. Carleo was allegedly caught in a sting, trying to sell some of the $1.5 million in Bellagio chips that were stolen in December. Reports say Carleo had met up with undercover police officers in order to sell controlled substances and high-value chips taken in the robbery. The accused robber is being charged with robbery with use of a deadly weapon, burglary with use of a deadly weapon and trafficking in a controlled substance.

Connections in the Bellagio Casino arrest

The accused Bellagio Casino robber is not your average criminal. Not only did the man have the guts to walk directly into the Bellagio and walk out with $1.5 million in chips, he also has connections. The 29-year-old is the son of a Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge — George Assad. Judge Assad has not yet spoken out about his son’s arrest, and he is not expected to.

Bellagio Casino arrest leaves unanswered questions

Though the m an police believe to be the Bellagio Bandit has been arrested, there are still many unanswered questions. First, how Carleo was able to walk in to the casino and walk out with such a valuable amount of chips so effortlessly is still unknown. Second, the Bellagio and LVPD have not revealed whether the Bellagio is one of the casinos that implants RFID chips in high-value chips. Either way, the Bellagio and several other casinos plan to discontinue $25,000 chips in April.


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