The top 6 things you do not know about bedbugs (Pt. 1)

A close-up of a bedbug

Don't let the bedbugs bite – if you can help it. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Wikipedia)

Imagine what it feels like when your head hits the cool side of the pillow after a long, hard day. Pulling up that nice, warm blanket is like nothing else. Now imagine thousands of tiny bedbugs nibbling at you. The thought of bedbugs is no fun, but when it comes to the little beasties, bedbug myths tend to proliferate in comparison to bedbug facts. Thanks to Woman’s Day, you too can learn about the top six things you didn’t know about bedbugs. Not only are they creepy, but they’re expensive to evict from your home, hostel or hotel.

1. Bedbugs aren’t just for bed anymore

Sure, bedbugs may be known as Cimex lectularius (“bug of the bed”) in Latin, but it’s a bedbug fact that the creatures can be anywhere. John Furman of New York City pest control company Boot-A-Pest told Woman’s Day that bedbugs may spend up to 70 percent of the time working the warm-bodied buffet in your bed, but that means they’re elsewhere 30 percent of the time. You might find them in your couch, in the cracks in the walls and inside the medicine cabinet, to name a few places. They’ll wait until you’re sleepy and follow the carbon dioxide trail of your warm breath – straight to you.

2. Personal hygiene isn’t a determining factor

Dr. Susan Jones, an entomology professor from Ohio State University, makes it quite clear that poor personal or home hygiene aren’t the bedbug invitations you might think they are. Exterminator Jeff Eisenberg claims he’d be a rich man if he had a nickel for every time bedbug-bedeviled customers talked about how often they shower and clean up the house. If you are alive and not hermetically sealed, bedbugs can find you. Watch for “peppering” (black fecal spots) and shed skins embedded in the mattress if you’re concerned. The bugs themselves are generally rust-colored.

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