Beau Biden rushed to a Delaware hospital

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden (right) embraces his father, Vice President Joe Biden. Beau Biden recently made news when he was rushed to a Delaware hospital for reasons yet to be revealed.

Beau Biden (right), son of Vice President Joe Biden (left) was recently rushed to a Delaware hospital. (Photo: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue)

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden – the eldest son of American Vice President Joe Biden – made news back in January when he backed down from a possible Senate bid. It was expected that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and ascend the political ladder, but Beau Biden chose his work as Attorney General over life in the Senate – at least for now. But a frightening incident may have changed that timetable and cost the Biden family some emergency cash, according to the Associated Press. Beau Biden was rushed to a Delaware hospital with an undisclosed illness or injury.

Beau Biden is in Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware

Reports indicate that Beau Biden, 41, was awake and alert at the hospital, but news of what prompted him to be taken there has yet to surface. It is known that a Delaware state trooper was on guard at the entrance to the hospital. Security has been arranged to keep out paparazzi, but because so little information is known regarding the nature of Beau Biden’s illness or injury, such scenarios are still conjecture.

From U.S. Justice Department to Delaware AG

In 2007, Beau Biden moved from the U.S. Justice Department to the position of Delaware Attorney General. Before his father Joe Biden became vice president, Beau considered a Senate run. He didn’t take it because he was working on the very high-profile criminal case of Dr. Earl Bradley, a pediatrician accused of sexually assaulting as many as 100 of his patients. Beau Biden’s decision not to run came as a surprise, and the Senate seat had essentially been occupied by a placeholder. That was until Beau Biden’s January announcement. Now the seat Joe Biden once held for 36 years may be in jeopardy.

Beau Biden survived an accident that killed his mother

In the winter of 1972, Joe Biden and family were out looking for a Christmas tree. Out of nowhere, the family’s station wagon was broadsided by a tractor-trailer. Mrs. Biden and her infant son died, while Joe Biden, Beau Biden and Hunter Biden all received critical injuries from which they recovered.

Beau Biden is married and has two young children.

UPDATE: Beau Biden reportedly suffered a mild stroke, but he is expected to recover.

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