Will it be the bankers or us who survive the recession?

Cartoon rendering of a big banker pushing the little man down.

Will it be the bankers or us who emerge triumphant from this financial crisis? (Photo Credit: CC BY-ND/Chris/Where the Poppies Grow)

Controversial talk-show host Alex Jones implores Infowars readers to take a good look at this global financial crisis. As nations institute austerity measures, Jones believes it all comes down to this: “Is it going to be the bankers or us?” By burying the middle class in debt slavery, Jones asserts that big government and its central banks are reintroducing a feudal system in which the middle class will be too poor to be anything but serfs in service of corporate lords.

Bankers or us: a derivative mess

According to Alex Jones, when we ask whether it will be the bankers or us who survive the crisis, we must consider derivatives. These actively traded non-assets – they’re essentially volatile speculation on how a commodity will do at a future time – are costing the U.S. “over $1.5 quadrillion,” an amount that cannot conceivably be repaid. Investment bankers who speculated on derivatives using such things as the pension funds of retired Americans for payment have made austerity necessary, yet it is these same banks and bankers who received the bulk of bailout funds. Jones believes this imbalance of power, where the rich get much richer and the poor lose money hand over fist, should be any right-thinking person’s call to action. “Will it be the bankers – or us?” asks Jones.

Austerity and the power of central banks

The European Union is struggling to keep member nations from going bankrupt. A variation of this is happening in America, says Jones. Central banks, awash in taxpayer bailout funds, will continue to flourish. Average taxpaying citizens will see beneficial programs cut under austerity conditions, including wages, pensions, insurance and child health care. Challenging the Federal Reserve and private central banks, in Jones’ estimation, is the only available course for those who do not wish to become debt slaves.

A bailout Trojan horse

If the financial industry bailout was indeed a Trojan horse that ended up rewarding the same Wall Street bankers who drove the financial crisis from the beginning, Jones wants people to take a step back and re-evaluate where this train is headed. Will it be the bankers or us who will be free, or is the middle class headed for servitude?



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