Keep Your Balance with a Payday Loan

Spare me the spreadsheet. I need a payday loan

Other people — people with fat bank accounts or hundred-dollar bills stuffed in their mattresses — may have good reasons to balance the budget. But I don’t. I live from paycheck to paycheck and I need money now. Even if I wanted to give it a try, I wouldn’t have a budget to balance. I’m always short of cash until payday, and arranging numbers in neat little columns and rows isn’t going to change that. I need cash today and I don’t have time for a fictional balancing act: I’ve got a real one going on.

It’s seven in the morning and I’m requesting a payday loan

It’s seven in the morning and I have a semi-emergency doctor appointment at two, a kid reminding me for the umpteenth time about his soccer fees and uniform, a cut-off notice from the phone company staring up at me from the kitchen counter where it’s been languishing for a week, and a big, hungry dog listening for food to hit the bowl. It’s seven in the morning and I have just enough time to request an emergency payday loan before I make an apologetic offering to the dog and explain that I’m running off to the paycheck factory again so we can all have more dog food. Balance the budget? It doesn’t even remotely get started.

I’ve been playing with the numbers all night, and I need a payday loan to balance this

It might be more accurate to say that I’m obsessed with balancing the budget. I balance the budget all night long. I worry about numbers and dollars and debits and credits from sundown to sunup, but they’re not worth committing to paper. And as long as I’m on this confessional roll: Today wasn’t the first time I’ve ever gotten a payday loan, either. Nor was it the first time I’ve thanked my lucky stars for that extra cash. I’ve kept my act in balance with a payday loan on more than one occasion, and no doubt I’ll do it again.

In just a few hours, I’ll have a $300 payday loan in my bank balance

I really do try not to borrow money. I live pretty simply and my mortgage is my only debt. But I have two soon-to-be-college-bound kids, a job where I work like a dog, and a dog whose job it is to eat like a horse. Sometimes my paycheck just won’t go the distance. When I need emergency money and I know that I can still get by after paying it back from my next paycheck, I get a payday loan.

If you can think of a good alternative to a payday loan, by all means, give it a try

Payday lenders take a lot of heat these days, but in my opinion, payday loans have their place. When you really need cash until payday, a quick payday loan is worth every red cent. You can’t exactly walk into your local bank and ask for a small, unsecured, personal loan for a week, now can you? I mean, of course, without some stiff in a suit calling security.

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