Serious carnivores love the Bacon of the Month Club


A Bacon of the Month club subscription could make a great gift for the carnivore in people's lives. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Serious meat maniacs may want to look into joining a Bacon of the Month club. The cultural fixation with bacon is still in full swing, as bacon flavored soda and vodka are both available. Gourmet food is expensive, but people are willing to pay to eat high on the hog.

Bacon of the Month clubs offer gourmet samples

If the serious carnivore in your life finds the paltry offerings in most supermarkets severely wanting, a membership in a Bacon of the Month Club would make an excellent gift. There are multiple Bacon of the Month clubs, and the premise is simple enough. For a monthly subscription fee or initial payment for a few months’ worth, a person receives a shipment or two of a gourmet bacon that blows that paltry prepackaged and sodium nitrite laden stuff out of the water. The idea is even endorsed by celebrity chef Bobby Flay. Bacon of the Month club subscriptions are available from numerous companies such as Zingerman’s and The Pig Next Door, to name a few.

Bacon your pardon

The cultural explosion of all things bacon is referred to by some as “Bacon Mania,” a condition that is likely making cardiologists very rich. There has been a spate of attention-getting dishes within the last few years that use ridiculous amounts of bacon, like the Bacon Explosion — a football-sized log consisting of barbecue sauce, Italian sausage and crumbled bacon, wrapped in bacon, and baked in foil. There is also Jones Soda’s bacon flavored soda and bacon flavored vodka by Black Rock Spirits, called Bakon Vodka.

The belly of the beast

To Americans, “bacon” is cured strips of pork belly, which is very fatty. However, in much of the rest of the world, bacon is usually back bacon, which is cut from pork loin and cured, brined or smoked like pork belly bacon but is usually a lot less fatty than pork belly bacon.

Some Bacon of the Month Clubs

The Pig Next Door

Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month club

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