Arizona immigration law slammed by Napolitano, others

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, has blasted the Arizona Immigration Bill. From Wikimedia Commons.

Ever since the Arizona immigration law was signed by Governor Jan Brewer, condemnations have been pouring in.  The law has been pilloried by the President, and recently, Meghan McCain, Janet Napolitano and the Government of Mexico.  While the debate for now is over the methods, something has to be done about the issue.  Arizona as it stands has to practically run for a personal loan company dealing with it.

Janet Napolitano slams Arizona immigration law

Janet Napolitano has lashed out at the new Arizona immigration law.  As head of the Department of Homeland Security, she feels that the law in question “is a misguided law.” (From CNN.)  Illegal immigration reform is an issue that has taken a back burner to other issues, and it appears that the current uproar may push it to the forefront of the Congressional and Presidential agendas before long.

Meghan McCain bucks her father’s take

Breaking with John McCain’s assessment of the bill, Meghan McCain has lambasted the Arizona immigration law.  She recently wrote a column on The Daily Beast, she posited that the bill is a “bad law” and it “misses the bigger picture of what is really going on with illegal immigration.” She pointed out that those who don’t see the positive impacts of illegal immigrants’ labor can’t appreciate how the bill will negatively impact a population we depend on without acknowledging that we do.

The Government of Mexico weighs in

The President of Mexico does not support this bill, and thinks Governor Brewer has acted contrary to what the best interests of all involved.  President Felipe Calderón issued a statement announcing his frustration with the measure.

“The criminalization of the migration phenomenon, far from contributing to the cooperation and collaboration between Mexico and the U.S., represents an obstacle in the solution of common problems in the border region.” – from the Christian Science Monitor.

Other Mexican officials also condemned the Arizona immigration law.  The consensus is that Washington has done little to deal with the problem, and that the general attitude toward immigrants, especially Latin Americans, has been one of hypocrisy and ignorance towards Mexican immigrants and their contributions to American culture.

Not the first time either

This isn’t the first time that a specific immigrant population has been dealt with by heavy handed legislation.  It never works, either. It is apparent that many immigrants wish to come to this land to earn a quick payday with honest toil.  Though there are always bad apples, it seems apparent that a solution that doesn’t benefit both sides is the road to ruin.  There is a demand and a supply, for their labor, and nothing stops the Invisible Hand of those forces.

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