Apple Mac event unveils some big changes


The new Apple Mac lineup includes an even slimmer, faster Mac Book Air. Image from Wikipedia Commons.

The Apple Mac line of computers is expanding. The hotly anticipated Apple event, dubbed “Back to the Mac,” announced the new MacBook Air. There is also an update to the operating system, Mac OS X that will be released next year. The new version, Mac OS X Lion, is a merging of Mac OS and the iPad. Touch controls will be integrated into the new operating system. Apple is also coming out with video chat program FaceTime for Mac next year.

Apple Mac lineup gets new look

There’s a new look for the Apple Mac lineup, with an ultra-slim new MacBook Air. The new Mac Book will come in two models. The full fledged MacBook has a 13.3-inch LED screen, and weighs all of 2.9 pounds. It is 0.11 inches thick at the narrowest point and 0.68 inches thick at the widest and comes standard with 256 GB of flash memory storage, according to MSNBC. It retails for $1,599, but an even smaller version with an 11.6-inch screen with 64 GB of memory retails for $999. Neither has a standard optical hard drive, but instead they use flash memory, similar to a USB drive. Steve Jobs said that the new Mac Books are essentially a cross between an iPad and a Mac.

A New Mac OS X

To go with the new MacBooks, there is a new version of Mac OS X debuting next year. It is called Mac OS X Lion, and the new system is promising. The new system is inspired by iOS, the operating system of the  iPhone and the iPad. A vertical display won’t work well with a touchscreen, so touch sensitive track pad and mouse options will be used instead, according to PC Magazine. An updated iLife suite is included, as well as a FaceTime for Mac video chat program.

Mac Apps

A new Mac Apps store is launching. The Mac Apps store will open online in January, months ahead of the release of Mac OS X Lion. Lines between the iPhone, iPad and Mac are beginning to blur.



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