Apple Inc. reaches record high stock price

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Apple Inc. stock is shooting through the roof. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Steve Jobs and other shareholders in Apple, Inc. may be cracking open champagne. The Apple company stock has just hit a record high point. For the first time ever, a share of Apple stock is now going for more than $300. The technology giant has been having a banner year. The iPad and continued success of the iPhone and iPod assure that Apple is going to be a heavyweight for a long time to come.

Apple Inc. hits a new high

It was announced that stock for Apple Inc. has hit a new high point in premarket trading for Oct. 13, according to the New York Times. Apple Inc. stock hit a high point of $301.50 and is holding at higher than $300. It is the highest ever trade price for Apple company stock. Brokerage houses have been raising prices for acquiring Apple stock accordingly. Bank of America is selling shares at $400 per. Oppenheimer raised its price for shares of Apple to $345. The company is having a great year. The iPad has been the first successful tablet computer, despite several previous attempts by other companies. The iPhone 4.0 and the iPod continue to sell. The company is due to release a fourth quarter report soon.

Verizon iPhone rumors will not die

Rumors of the iPhone moving to another network have been persisting for some time. The fabled Verizon iPhone causes a great stir almost once a month. However, neither Verizon nor Apple have confirmed it officially yet. The problem in a Verizon iPhone, according to the Wall Street Journal, is that Verizon uses CDMA technology. The Verizon iPhone will have to be retooled for CDMA use before it can be released. That said, Android has been edging on the iPhone for some time among owners of smartphones.

Apple of the markets’ eye

Apple Inc. has had an incredible year so far. It appears that the company won’t be letting up. The company has hit a record high stock price for good reason.


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