Jobs blasts RIM and Android at Apple earnings meeting


Steve Jobs let iPhone competitors have it at an Apple earnings conference, citing Apple's sales dominance. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Steve Jobs recently participated in an Apple earnings press conference. During the discussion of how well Apple Inc. stock is doing, Jobs took time to let loose on RIM (Blackberry) and Android platforms. He touted the fact that Apple sells more units of the iPhone than either platform and has better software to boot. An Apple event is scheduled soon, called “Back to the Mac” The event will likely discuss upcoming computers from Apple.

Jobs blasts RIM and Android at Apple earnings meeting

Steve Jobs made a surprise visit to a recent Apple earnings press conference. Earnings for Apple Inc. for the fourth quarter were substantial. He opened by saying he usually doesn’t attend such meetings, but he couldn’t resist talking about the first $20 billion quarter for Apple, according to Apple Insider. He also took some time to slam the competition. He pointed out that the iPhone outsold RIM Blackberry by 2 million units, and that Research In Motion had too far to go to catch up. He also pointed out that Android smartphones by Google activated 200,000 units a day to Apple’s 275,000.

Android tablets to die quickly

On the heels of the best quarter ever for the Apple stock price — AAPL just hit $300 a share — Jobs also felt he would weigh in on gripes about software and tablets. He said that Google’s claims about the iPhone being “closed” and Android being “open” were misleading. He also pointed out that the Android tablet PCs due out soon will be “dead on arrival” because a 7-inch screen is only a bit bigger than a smart phone. He opined that because Apple makes everything in house, the iPad is more bang for less buck than the competition.

Getting ‘Back to the Mac’

An Apple event is scheduled for Wednesday. It is called “Back to the Mac” and the topic, according to CNET will be the new hardware and Mac operating system.



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