Apple Adobe | The rivalry heats up

Adobe products

Apple seems to have entirely snubbed Adobe products in the iPhone 4.0 OS. Image from Flickr.

When Apple announced the new iPhone 4.0 operating system yesterday, there was a clause buried in the developer agreement that has raised Adobe’s hackles. The Apple Adobe rivalry has been going for years, but Apple has now officially snubbed Adobe’s Flash platform for the new OS 4.0 iPhone. If you want to watch video on your OS 4.0 device, you may need a loan to buy the right iPhone app.

Adobe Flash not allowed on the iPhone

The basic reason Apple gives for not allowing Adobe Flash programs on their operating systems is simple – that Flash will use more than its fair share of operating resources. Steve Jobs and Apple have answered all questions about allowing Adobe Flash to run on the Apple operating systems with a simple “no.”

Adobe’s response to Apple

Adobe systems, recognizing that not being allowed on any of the millions of Apple devices could be a business killer, has created a workaround. It is an embedded program that re-renders all Adobe Flash programs into a non-flash, iPhone OS friendly system. However, Apple has not yet approved the Adobe workaround App, and has not stated it has any intentions of doing so.

Is Adobe really better for Apple devices?

Of course, the biggest argument for why Apple devices should include Adobe Flash is that many websites already use flash. About 70% of online gaming sites use Flash.Of all online video sites, including YouTube and Hulu, 75 percent use Adobe Flash as well. However, Apple developers insist that their proprietary programs and HTML-5 based systems simply work better. Though like payday advances, the best user experience depends on many factors.

How will the Apple Adobe rivalry work out?

Adobe is not saying that the Apple snubbing of Adobe Flash will be the death knell for the company. Adobe is working with many other hand held device manufacturers, and over 1.2 billion mobile phones on the market are still Flash-capable. The iPad competitor WePad is also set to run Adobe Flash, as will the HP Slate.

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