African Americans Hit Hard by Unemployment

Recession Harsh for This Community

When the recession hit, it brought along inflation, rising unemployment and an increase in home loan defaults, which was naturally expected by the economic “gurus”. The recession did not specify that it would target any specific community, but African Americans living in Milwaukee found themselves bearing the brunt of the rising unemployment rates. These are not high school drop outs that had been laid off, but rather, people who were well educated and waiting in line to take out a payday loan against their next unemployment check. While the recession holds no respect for a particular race or skill set, it seems that the recession hit Milwaukee’s African American population pretty bad.

Selective Discrimination?

In a city of mixed communities with all races living together more or less equally, every community has its share of the unemployed population. African Americans, however, seem to be facing the brunt of the unemployment with nearly one in two African Americans in Milwaukee being unemployed. It would then be calculated that they represent about half of all people racing to get jobs, which is higher than in any other community. As said earlier, these are not people who are uneducated, but are very highly educated. Some hold degrees from reputed colleges and had jobs that were paying $60,000 a year only two months ago. These same people are now in a line with proof of unemployment and looking for a payday loan. They have families to feed and rent to pay, but what they do not have is a job to fulfill on these duties.

Government Assistance?

Many people may think that the government is doing something to help bring the unemployment rate down, and are in all likelihood supporting the democratic cause led by President Obama. In all probability, the person on the street is likely to blame the republicans under George Bush for the current scenario, while at the same time there is a lobby in the senate that is busy giving lip service to the woes of the African Americans. They spare no effort in passing bills worth billions promising jobs that are yet to be created, while others are still busy opposing the very bills that these senators seek to introduce. People are becoming increasingly frustrated, because jobs are hard to come by. Any jobs that do appear in the classifieds have so many consumers, that many even lose hope of getting that all important interview. Will the government do something about the loss of jobs for all Americans, including Milwaukee’s African American residents? This still remains to be seen, but the answer should be a large YES!

Hope Against the Worst

In spite of the bad times these people face, they have not lost hope. They cling to the belief that the government will do something to increase the number of jobs available. They will do anything to stay afloat, borrowing money or taking payday loans to escape from the current crisis. One can only hope that they stay successful in their attempts and do not buckle under the debts that they are raising.

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