ACORN Senate Vote 83-7 Against Funding Rotten Group

Senate says HUD cannot fund ACORN; Will House agree?

The Senate says "no" to payday cash for ACORN (Photo:

The Senate says "no" to payday cash for ACORN (Photo:

Is it any surprise? We’ve known for some time that ACORN is a questionable organization. The latest pimp and prostitute video is just the icing on the cake, comments the Hot Air blog. Now the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is halfway toward being blocked from continuing to give ACORN (Association  of Community Development Organizations for Reform Now) grants for such programs as mortgage counseling services. The Senate voted overwhelmingly – 83 to 7 – to cut funding. All that has to happen now is for the House or Representatives to agree in their vote and for President Obama to sign off. Considering that he may have had connections to ACORN during his community planning days in Illinois, it will be interesting to see how the president reacts when the bill to shut off the lights hits his desk.

ACORN will need private funding to continue operating

Perhaps a bit of payday cash? Seriously, who would consider it a good investment to fund an organization that encourages tax fraud, insurance fraud, voter fraud, defying the police with foreclosed property break-ins and subprime lending? ACORN founder Wade Rathke and cohort Martin Eakes from Self-Help Inc/Self-Help Credit Union couldn’t be pleased with the vote. Perhaps they should have thought about that before they played such a huge role in driving America’s economy into the ground with their strong-arm tactics at the dawn of the subprime mortgage lending debacle.

The Los Angeles Times reports at,0,3037782.story?track=rss that in addition to the pimp and prostitute video that recently came out of the Baltimore ACORN office, FOX News supposedly has aired videos depicting similar shenanigans in Brooklyn and Washington, D.C. The L.A. Times also indicates that the Census Bureau has washed their hands of ACORN and will not enlist the organization’s assistance in tabulating the 2010 Census. Considering that ACORN’s voter registration efforts have signed up such normal, everyday citizens as Mickey Mouse, can you blame the Census Bureau for running the other way?

The New York Times didn’t even think to assign a reporter

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I don’t care if it directs negative publicity in Barack Obama’s direction, this ACORN senate vote story deserves serious attention. As it stands, the New York Times linked to the AP report of the story online – but they didn’t even mention it in their print edition. Any wonder that print journalism is dying? Segregating such a story to its blogs section is a clear sign that the New York Times is just as partisan as any other fish wrap that lines birdcages across this nation. Biased reporting, the availability of free online news (at least for a while longer) and the costs of newspaper production all make for a grim picture. Scores of journalists who have been given the boot need payday cash. They may even need housing assistance, but it doesn’t appear that ACORN will be able to help them any longer.

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