ACORN Urges Pimps and Prostitutes to Lie to the IRS

“Social activism” taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for

Another satisfied ACORN customer. Does he also need no fax payday loans with a credit check? (Photo:

Another satisfied ACORN customer. Does he also need no fax payday loans with a credit check? (Photo:

If you’re familiar with what ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) does to “serve” American society, then you know that they’ve managed to do a great deal of harm in the name of “social justice.” Not only did they play a large role in greasing the wheels for the subprime mortgage crisis (leaving many reaching for no fax payday loans with a simple credit check), allegedly conspire in multiple cases of voter fraud and actively encourage former home owners to break the law, but now they’re encouraging certain members of society to lie to the IRS and receive benefits on the taxpayers’ dime.

What members of society am I talking about? I’m referring to a certain group of velvet-garbed matrons of pleasure, living the street life. There’s big pimpin’ at the Baltimore ACORN office tonight, as the organization is instructing pimps and prostitutes to lie to the IRS – and showing them how.

Yes, my name is Chocolate Rocco and these young girls from El Salvador are all my dependents

FOX News reports that the Andrew Breitbart Web site broke the video that exposed this less than reputable ACORN action. The pimp and prostitute seen in the video were actually plants used to expose ACORN and its reprehensible nature. Clearly, the pair is being encouraged to lie to the Internal Revenue Service so that the pimp can claim underage girls from Central America as dependents.

The pimp is James O’Keefe, a 25-year-old independent filmmaker. The prostitute is “Kenya,” who is 20.  They presented ACORN staffers with a proposal in which they wished to obtain housing so that they could operate a prostitution ring.

This is ACORN’s idea of social justice?

America was a nation of laws the last time I checked. Regardless of what my feelings are about whether or not prostitution should be a legal enterprise anywhere in America, it is clear that the law currently considers it a crime. If ACORN wants to participate in voter fraud and aid in brothel activity, they should be made subject to the laws of the land. If there weren’t so many broad-based laws and loopholes, I’d hope they’d also be prosecuted for bullying banks (along with Self-Help, Inc.) into dishing out subprime mortgage loans many recipients surely couldn’t repay. And if they’re going to participate in the next census, I wonder if they’ll be counting legal homosexual unions? Or will they count as three-fifths of a person as slaves did back in 1787?

ACORN says it’s a sham

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And as we know, they’re extremely trustworthy.

Scott Levenson, a spokesman for ACORN, claimed to FOX that “the portrayal is false and defamatory… (They) tried to pull this at other offices and failed. ACORN wants to see the full video before commenting.” So it could be real but they want to see the video before commenting? I’m sorry, Mr. Levenson, but your organization has no credibility.

It’s hard to be a pimp, but ACORN makes it easier

First of all, manipulating the numbers helps. “Kenya” tells an ACORN employee that she makes around $8,000 a month ($96,000 per year). The morally flexible ACORN employee suggests that the annual income be written as $9,600 instead. It’s that easy: just drop a zero! Oh, and list your occupation as “freelance performing artist.” The ACORN staffer informs Kenya that dancing is considered an art, but the honest pimp exclaims “It’s not dancing, trust me.”

Then there’s the matter of 13 underage girls from El Salvador. The pimp is very open about bringing them in to work as prostitutes, and while the ACORN employee points out that that would be illegal, she nonetheless suggests they can be claimed as dependents. Essentially, she gives the pimp a “wink-wink, nudge-nudge,” then tells him not to give up information he isn’t asked for. If the girls are under 16, they can’t legally work in Maryland anyway, so the system sees them as invisible in that regard.

“So it’s like they don’t even exist?” Kenya asks the unscrupulous ACORN employee.

Now they’re on the same wavelength!

Ever the helpful community organization, ACORN then advises the pimp not to list all 13 girls as dependents, as it would attract suspicion. “You are gonna use three of them,” was the advice the pimp received. “They are gonna be under 16, so you is eligible to get child tax credit and additional child tax credit.”

Gee, thanks ACORN! Can I have fries with that?

Ever the salespeople for their highly respectable organization, the ACORN folks even went so far as to sell some of their other services to these clearly well-paid clients with lots of dependents to take care of. They’re encouraged to join the ACORN network and attend home buyer seminars. These seminars are – you guessed it – funded by taxpayers!

Perhaps I’m in the wrong line of work

O’Keefe told FOX he was “shocked” by home much assistance ACORN was prepared to give him in his prostitution ruse. Not only was he not thrown out of the office, but the ACORN employees went to great pains to help him and his girls. Evading taxes, skirting federal tax laws… all in a day’s work for the rotten ACORN, it seems.

If I need money, I don’t pretend to be a pimp and attempt to defraud Americans. In a pinch, I’ve tried no fax payday loans with EZ credit check. They’re definitely convenient and the repayment terms are easy. I wonder if ACORN loses any sleep at night wondering if pimps and prostitutes will be paying back the American people for their fraudulent schemes? Free service would be a start, but I’d want much more than that…

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