How to Make Money on Twitter – Part Two

How to make fast cash on Twitter

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In part one of this series, readers learned that Twitter can be useful in creating additional income streams or just useful for fast cash in emergency situations. As we journey further into the opportunities for making money on Twitter, we’ll show you how to use it to save money in order to pay down debt or how it can be used to raise funds for charitable efforts.

The following ideas round out our series for making fast cash on Twitter:

Search for Deals

It is likely that you’ve fallen into debt because you’ve been paying too much for items that you use every day. Therefore, it is time to tighten your belt and start searching for deals on these items, instead. Make a list of the products that you regularly use and then go in search of their manufacturers on Twitter. Follow them to receive regular updates on sales and coupons being offered on many of these same items.

Also, follow coupon sites that offer a variety of different coupons or sites like Woot or SlickDeals, which offer or advertise a wide selection of deals on different items every day. While deal mining won’t put fast cash directly into your pockets, it will save you money that can be applied to your existing debt.

Solicit Donations

If you are raising money to benefit a charitable cause or if you are just in a tight bind and in need of a little fast cash till payday, ask your Twitter followers if they can share a few bucks to help you out. While this isn’t something you’d do every day, most people don’t mind contributing a dollar or two to charity or directly to your PayPal account when you need emergency cash. If fifty of your kindest followers are able to share two bucks, you’ve made $100 for your charitable efforts or to help you get out of a crunch. Chances are you’ll need more space than the 140 characters Twitter allows per tweet to explain your situation, which is where sites like ChipIn come in handy. By setting up an event there, you can explain your need and give your followers an opportunity to chip in. You may even want to offer an incentive, such as a service in exchange for donations. For example, if you are adept at making Twitter backgrounds or setting up WordPress blogs, offer your followers a special gift of one of these for the money that they donate.

Stay Home and Tweet

Twitter and other social networking sites are free to use and can introduce you to people all over the world. So instead of going out and spending money on admission, food, drinks, gas and other expenses, why not stay home and socialize online instead? Sure, it’s not face to face interaction, but it’s also not costing you an arm and a leg to participate. When trying to get out of debt, your focus has to be on saving money, so if you’re a social butterfly but fluttering from event to event in the real world is keeping you in debt, learn to tweet, instead.

While these tips on making money with Twitter won’t make you rich, each one of them can help you climb out of debt if you get started them properly. When you are in need of fast cash, it helps to think outside of the proverbial box and try things that you ordinarily wouldn’t. Bear in mind that, although Twitter does represent a money making opportunity, the key to success in any social networking activity is to personally engage those who are taking the time to follow you. Do not bombard people with advertising or financial requests simply because you have a need for fast cash. Instead, take the time to interact and build strong relationships and then, if you find yourself in need of emergency cash or swimming in debt, you are in a position to use these, and other, creative ways of turning your tweets into cash.

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