Inexpensive Weekend Activities for the Entire Family

Weekends Were Made for Family Fun

In a struggling economy, families find it especially hard to find satisfying, yet inexpensive weekend activities. This doesn’t mean that a good time cannot be had on a budget; it simply means that adults have to find creative ways of planning family activities that will not break the bank or do not require elaborate credit card spending. The following suggestions are affordable and can be enjoyed by small and large families alike:

Rent Movies from the Library

Public libraries offer DVDs at much lower prices than most rental stores do, and some even loan them out for free. Titles are generally the same that would be found in a retail store, and movies are usually loaned for at least a week. One of the best inexpensive weekend activities that families can enjoy together is a movie marathon, and public libraries all across America make this an easy, affordable way to enjoy a little family time.

Community Events

Every community hosts public events that are family friendly and offered at little or no cost. This means that the entire family can participate in local activities together while saving money at the same time. Events can range from free concerts to cultural activities and can usually be found in a local newspaper or by calling a local Chamber of Commerce.

Join a Community Sports Team

Sports are a great way for children and their parents to learn the value of teamwork and discipline. Team sports also help families maintain good health and adequate physical exercise. Most are offered at very reasonable rates and give family members an activity each can enjoy together as either a spectator or as a player.

Volunteer Activities

Inexpensive family activities don’t always have to be recreational in order to be enjoyable. Volunteer activities are rewarding in a variety of different ways. Not only do families learn to come together to help others and build a sense of community, but most also meet interesting people who enrich their lives in the process. Volunteer activities are usually free or may require a very small, but affordable monetary donation.

Have a Garage Sale

Everyone has junk that they used to treasure, but now have little or no interest in. Someone else may be able to get some use out of these items and selling them at a yard sale is a great way of making extra money to pay off credit card debt or for spending on a planned family activity. Children and parents can easily participate by donating their items and spending a day working together to create an income stream that the entire family can benefit from.

Host a Board Game Night

This can be done at home, at a neighborhood park or even at a local coffee shop, but inviting a few other families to join in on a board game marathon is a great, fun and wildly inexpensive way to enjoy a weekend. Most people have board games that are collecting dust in their homes that can be used to host a board game tournament or just a friendly family get-together.

Elaborate family outings are fun, but inexpensive weekend activities are often discovered to be the most enjoyable since they are not accompanied by stressful spending. They also create an opportunity for families to enjoy themselves even when living on a budget. Anyone who is interested in plain, simple fun is encouraged to try a few of these while teaching children that it is possible to have a good time without going into debt in the process.

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