5-year-old brings gun to school in Florida | Loaded, no rounds


A semi-automatic handgun fell out of a 5-year-old's pocket during preschool class. Image: Flickr / teknorat / CC-BY-SA

During a music class, a preschooler ended up getting kicked out of class. The 5-year-old had a gun in school in Florida. The Florida boy’s gun was loaded but had no rounds chambered.

5-year-old has gun in Florida school

During a preschool music class, a semiautomatic handgun fell out of a 5-year-old’s pocket. The teacher immediately confiscated the gun and notified the administration. Police were called in and an investigation opened. The magazine on the 5-year-old’s gun was loaded but no rounds were chambered. The .22-caliber Jimenez semiautomatic handgun has a magazine with multiple rounds, but would have had to have rounds chambered in order to actually shoot.

Where 5-year-old in Florida school got the gun

There are conflicting reports about where the 5-year-old got the gun that he took to preschool. Some reports are that he got the gun from his stepfather’s car, others say he got it from his mother’s vehicle. Either way, the boy picked up the gun out of the backseat of a car. He has said that he just wanted to show it to his schoolmates.It does not appear he had any intention to use the gun.

Investigation into 5-year-old’s gun in school

Police have launched an investigation into the 5-year-old who brought the gun to school. Child protective services has been called in to check on the welfare of the 5-year-old boy and any other children in the home. Until authorities have had a chance to review the situation, the 5-year-old has also been suspended from the preschool and is not allowed anywhere on campus. The parents or any adults found to have been negligent in putting the gun where the 5-year old picked it up could also be facing criminal charges that will cost them time in prison or a hefty fine.


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