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(Image by Bernt Rostad,

(Image by Bernt Rostad,

Looking at the storms that are blasting through the United States, the theory being spread from coast to coast is that this may just be the top ten winter snowstorms. In fact, the Midwest experienced its fourth worst storm since the 1950’s! While some people enjoyed the snow coming down, others became worried that increasing electricity and gas bills will drive their expenses sky high this season. Help is available to such people in the form of short term loans.

Weather May Ruin the Holidays

With Christmas just around the corner, a snowstorm like the one attacking New York and New England is making a lot of people worried. Gas and electric bills are going up, with low income families being the worst hit this season. Utility bills have almost doubled since 2000, which is far ahead of earnings in the same period. People who are behind in their utility bills may need to look for ways to keep their utilities connected. There are some states, however, where it is against the law for utility companies to shut off the heat or electricity during the months of November through March due to the extremely cold weather these states face. Check with your state’s laws before contending a shut-off notice during the winter.

While some may have the money required to pay their bills, others may end up looking for short term loans and/or grants to keep them out of trouble. Making a choice between celebrating Christmas and paying utility bills can be difficult, and people who are going through the tough times may be left with no alternatives other than borrowing money.

Grants Not Enough

The government has made an effort to help people by making energy assistance grants available to all who may qualify. Applications increased extensively last winter, so Congress decided to double the amount to be awarded this year to $5.1 billion. However, applications for assistance have increased from 6.1 to 8.1 million this year. This, in turn, will mean that either the grants will shrink in size or more applications will be turned down. Meanwhile, people are resorting to desperate measures, including kerosene stoves for heat and candles for light.

Critical Period

Christmas has arrived, and with it, bad weather. It is imperative for people to manage to stay healthy during this time, but doing so without money may be impossible. Rather than spend time freezing and watching others celebrating the holiday, people who can request a short term loan may be able to get by during this time. Not celebrating the holiday may be better than freezing to death, which could be a reality for some people. Even if you have less than stellar credit, the money is available to you if you spend it wisely. Keep yourself and your family warm in the first place and celebrate the holiday with whatever is left. You can still make ends meet without much difficulty if you are wise with your cash.

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