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Opera Mini for iPhone will make browsing smoother in congested urban areas.

iPhone users, get ready for the Opera Mini!

Users of the iPhone now have a way to browse the internet quickly in congested urban areas – Opera Mini for the iPhone. The Opera Mini app was approved by Apple for its App store on Monday, rather unexpectedly. The Opera Mini app markets itself as a web browser, but the Apple App store specifically forbids alternative browsers. So, like low interest loans for bad credit, Opera Mini managed to find a way around bad circumstances.

Opera Mini remotely renders pages

The Opera Mini browser is an Apple iPhone app that creates a web-browser-like experience — without actually being a web browser. Instead, the Opera Mini app for iPhone does not render web pages on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Instead, when the Opera Mini app calls up a web page, it is rendered remotely on the Opera Mini servers. The Opera Mini servers then send the web page to the iPhone using OBML markup language. This means that the Opera Mini App for the iPhone functions more like a document reader than a web browser.

Opera Mini App released already

Though the approval process through the iPhone store took a while, the Opera Mini App for the iPhone should be available Tuesday morning in the iPhone store. Not only is the Opera Mini App free, but it should help save you money. You won’t need to get an online payday loan to pay your cell phone bill anymore, because Opera Mini compresses web pages, reducing the data load on your cell phone plan.

Opera Mini will help in congested areas

Even though the Opera Mini does basically exactly what Apple has said it would not allow, the Opera Mini was most likely approved because of user experience issues. In large urban areas with heavy iPhone usage, web browsing and many applications have been running very slowly. Though AT&T has promised they will increase network coverage, the Opera Mini’s compression and remote-rendering system will help reduce the network load of all those iPhones. To download the Opera Mini App, just go to m.opera.com from any web browser – including the one on your iPhone.

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