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Butt Drugs video is from a real drugstore in Corydon, Indiana.If you’ve ever laughed at small-town commercials that seem almost too silly to be true, the Butt Drugs video shown on Ellen was sure to please. The Butt Drugs commercial is for a real drug store in Corydon, Indiana. The Butt Drugs drugstore offers everything from prescriptions to alcohol – and it didn’t even need a loan to get this commercial made.

Butt Drugs Commercial Video

The Butt Drugs commercial was created by comedy duo Rhett and Link. Known for their music videos and “internetainment”, Rhett and Link created the Butt Drugs commercial as a part of their “I Love Local Commercials” series. Funded with quick cash by business company MicroBilt, the “I Love Local Commercials” series asks people to nominate their favorite local business for free commercial creation.

See the Butt Drugs video here

Butt Drugs is a real store

Sure, the commercial is incredibly funny. The best part about the commercial, though, is that Butt Drugs is a real store, the kind of old-fashioned, small-town drug store that can rarely be found anymore. The store was founded in 1952 by businessman William Butt. Butt Drugs the store is now owned and operated by William’s son and granddaughter. The store has a pharmacy, general merchandise, liquor, and an old-fashioned soda fountain. The stuffed fishing trophies of the original store owner and his son still hang on the walls. When the store was first founded, the town was tiny – and as of the 2000 census, Corydon, Indiana only had 2,715 people. Beyond Butt Drugs, the one claim to fame that Croydon can take is that it was the original state capital of Indiana – before that capital was moved to Indianapolis in 1825.

Get Butt Drugs merchandise

If you can’t make the trip all the way to Corydon, Indiana, you can still have some fun with the punny excitement of Butt Drugs. The web site, ButtDrugs.com, offers everything from T-shirts to bumper stickers. Of course, it’s important to have as much of a sense of humor as you can – after all, Butt Drugs is an entirely legitimate name that just happens to incite a few giggles. Be prepared to answer a number of questions and get a lot of odd stares if you choose to declare your love of Butt Drugs.

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