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Is the California 8.4 earthquake prediction true?Following a 6.9 magnitude quake in Qinghai, China and a 5.0 magnitude earthquake in Guerrero, Mexico, rumors started circulating that an 8.4 earthquake in California would soon follow. The 8.4 earthquake prediction, and earthquake prediction in general, however, is simply not possible. The rumors claiming an 8.4 earthquake in California will happen within the next 24-72 hours are simply not true. Residents of earthquake-prone zones should always be prepared for The Big One – and if you need a loan to prepare your emergency kit, it can be a good investment. However, there is no way to accurately predict if an earthquake will happen.

8.4 earthquake prediction

After a 6.9 magnitude earthquake injured more than 8,000 people in Qinghai, China last night, Twitter, Facebook and text messages lit up with warnings of an 8.4 earthquake prediction for California. The 5.0 magnitude earthquake in Guerrero, Mexico seemed to confirm the 8.4 earthquake prediction. The rumor started with an email claiming that CalTech had sent its employees home with notice to “prepare for the big one.” CalTech has confirmed that no such e-mail was sent out.

Earthquake prediction

The 8.4 earthquake prediction claiming it will happen in the next 72 hours is simply not possible. The closest thing in existence to a reliable earthquake prediction is the seismic activity detectors that allow researchers to immediately warn areas that are seeing increased seismic activity. However, as Popular Mechnics outlined, true earthquake prediction is “still a long way off.”

The 8.4 earthquake prediction may eventually come true

The fact that an 8.4 earthquake in California has not been predicted does not mean that the big earthquake is not coming. California is a well-known earthquake zone. In 2008, the Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities predicted that a 6.7 or larger magnitude earthquake has a 67 percent likelihood of happening. In other words, an 8.4 earthquake prediction is generally true – it may very well happen. An accurate earthquake prediction is just not possible, though.

Preparing for an 8.4 earthquake in California

Any resident of an earthquake-prone area should always be prepared for a large earthquake, just as everyone should be prepared for a large disaster. A basic disaster kit is easy to put together, and getting a quick personal loan to finance one may be a good idea. Check with your local Red Cross to get help putting your emergency kit together. That way, when another earthquake prediction or major disaster comes your way, you will know you’re ready.


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